By loser - / Sunday 20 May 2018 15:00 /
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By  Zekfen  |  17

Wife material in training! Your wife is training her well! “If you duct tape them to the bed, you can go spend all their money at the store!” - your wife

By  Chazzster  |  18

Don’t get so drunk you pass out or get high around kids!

Seriously, nobody “sleeps” so soundly the do not feel their hands being duct taped. That’s either passed out drunk or high.


Today, I got a letter from my college saying that if my tuition was not paid in the next 24 hours, I will be terminated from classes. Turns out account services has been depositing my tuition money in another student’s account whose social security number was one digit different from mine. FML

By collegedoesntwantme - / Saturday 7 March 2009 01:48 / United States
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