By lululand315 - United States - Washington
Today, I was threatened with eviction over $6.25. They waited three days to tell me and left me one business day to get it done. Six fucking dollars and 25 goddamn cents. FML
lululand315 tells us more :
Wow. So many trolls. I'm the author, forgot to sign in when I posted it. First, I live in Northern Virginia, not DC, although I'm not far from it. There aren't people banging on the door to get in here, though. Second, it's an apartment complex so no bank or mortgage involved. Third, I had been sick in the hospital for most of the past 3 weeks. So my rent was 2 days late due to illness. I paid the late fee of $200 dollars without a complaint. (Most late fees are only $50 in comparison.) I simply misread the amount of the late fee. The $6.25 seemed to be an admin fee of sorts. They absolutely had the power to cut me some slack since it's such a small amount. It's just a poorly run office. Fourth, VA isn't very nice to renters as a rule. They absolutely could've gone to the courthouse and gotten a '5 day pay or quit' notice. Which means if I didn't pay, on day 6 a sheriff's deputy would have showed up at my door and forcibly removed me, my daughter and our belongings. As an aside, homeowners in VA who get evicted are given about a week, not 30-60 days to move. Fifth, I desperately wanted to pay it in pennies. But they wouldn't even accept a personal check. It had to be a cashiers check or money order. So yes, I had to drive crosstown to the Walmart with the working money order machine and pay an additional 70 cents for a money order. Finally, when I turned in my rent + $200 late fee the man behind the desk made me wait while he opened the envelope and checked to see if the amount was correct. He told me it was fine so I thanked him for his time and left, thinking all was okay. They waited until 3 full days later to tell me about the 6.25, never admitting that the guy behind the desk had given me the wrong information and told me everything was okay, when it clearly wasn't. I had one business day to get it handled and I had a lot of important stuff going on that I had to put on hold bc of their incompetence. And yes, I will be writing to the higher ups to complain about it. To the poster who asked, I think I will write my next rent check in fucking dollars and goddamn cents. To all the trolls saying I'm trying to take advantage, I sincerely hope you never make an honest mistake after being sick in the hospital for 3 weeks.
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  tounces7  |  27

Yes but acting illegally goes beyond business. At a minimum they're required to give a "Pay or Vacate" notice, which is at LEAST 3 days pretty much everywhere in the US, and in Washington DC, where the OP Lives, it's actually a full 30 days.

By  mariri9206  |  32

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  tigeresscrazy  |  12

It's a very tempting idea lol unfortunately it would be as much a pain for op as it would be for the person op needs to pay the money to but still so very tempting it just might be worth it lol

  superjewguy  |  19

to #7, the length of the eviction notice depends on the situation, like for things not related to payment reasons, it's thirty days. if it is payment reasons, it's up to two weeks. and yes my friends, I have checked my sources. just thought you should know

  doodlesdork  |  7

Yea but all they did is threaten it. They probably meant he had three days before they would file for the eviction. They're running a business and that requires a firm hand.

  momogal  |  22

22, and when they figure it out, they have to cut a 1 cent check for op. My dad did that to someone when I was a kid. He paid upwards of 100 dollars in pennies. People were stupid and actually called the police. Of course the cop told them they were wasting his time and made them take the chest of not-as-nice-as-gold coins. Dad purposefully overpayed by 5 cents. It's been nearly 20 years and still no check. Tsk tsk.

By  missa8604  |  26

This is hardly shocking. The DC real estate is crazy. When I left a couple years ago there was a waiting list for my place. They don't care how much you owe, they just care that you do and maybe the next tenant wouldn't. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't have to buy a cashiers check to pay that balance.

By  species4872  |  19

I would write home and tell Mother about this but they want $6.25 for postage.