By Anonymous - 15/05/2012 04:07 - United States - Apache Junction

Today, I was at a bus stop making small talk with a really nice girl, when all of a sudden some kids let off firecrackers behind me. I shrieked like a little girl and practically jumped into her lap. FML
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Haha, she might have thought it was funny and or cute so it may not be that big of a deal. But FYL anyway.

Way to show her your 'nerves of steel' :)


Haha, she might have thought it was funny and or cute so it may not be that big of a deal. But FYL anyway.

Agreed - everyone jumps at a surprise like that. Sounds like it was a good opportunity to me. Although I guess the girly shrieking is not exactly ideal.

I'm sure the girl was quiet startled by the noise too, I think it's kind of cute. Imagine telling your kids about the first time you met! Good luck getting the girl, OP!

I love this FML because Op used the word "nice" instead of "hott", or "sexy"

Way to show her your 'nerves of steel' :)

He was probably nervous talking to a pretty girl, and it made him twice as jumpy. But I'll definitely agree that it's an FML moment!

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If his nerves of steel failed, maybe she will be impressed by his buns of steel? He's down to either that or commendable pitch with his shriek to impress her.

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That sucks, maybe if you see her again you can laugh about it together. Everyone deserves a second chance!

Hmm. It's normal to get startled. It's just not normal to jump into someone's lap

Well, guess that potential relationship went up in smoke.

Not really. It was only some firecrackers.. I'm sure most people would jump if they exploded right behind them on a bus.. Although OP's reaction may have been slightly over the top.

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Your picture looks like the boy is eating the girls hand.

I think that 4 was trying to 'crack' a joke...

Your profile pic is way too awesome.

Well at least she knows that if needed, you could protect her from danger... Or maybe the other way around?

Never know, maybe she likes that in a man


Please tell me that this is not how the earlier FML relieved themselves of being constipated.

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15- Read your comment with frustrated spongebob's voice again.

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We got a badass over here! But shit happens.