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  Lucidium  |  0

Fail 66. How does that sentence relate one bit to being smarter than the average bear? Do you think an average bear wouldn't go to a shopping mall full of people? That would make him smart, correct? You inexcusable attempt at humor has thoroughly baffled me.

Please try again.

  Lucidium  |  0

71 - I'm not actually upset at InDenial's comment. He's a great commented an I love those collection of little fail puns or whatever they are called.

Chill, gypsy girl.

  aliaskis  |  3

#7 - you're* as in "you're terrible at proper English." Unless you are implying that OP's father is their very own Canadian.

#33 - who's* as in "who is even competent at speaking or writing properly these days?" Unless you were responding to #7's implication of OP owning their own Canadian, asking instead whose the Canadian was. As in, belonged to.

My tutoring costs $20 an hour. I'll let you have this lesson for free. I'm generous like that.

  chili10  |  18

52, I'm pretty sure 33 was making fun of the persons english. "whose" as in "whose dog is that?" because the other person used the possessive form of your...

  Karnezar  |  2


  Link5794  |  18