By Anonymous - 24/11/2010 02:37 - Canada

Today, I was forced to go to the mall with my dad. He wore a bear suit the entire time. FML
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what did you do to make him do that...? maybe he wants a new child to take care of, like somebody who appreciates a little adventure! or creepyness.

24 lol that reminds me of jungle book! OP your dad is ******* awesome. I'd hate if he was my dad though :p

may i borrow his suit? i need it for hunting season, i like to mess with the hunters and the bullets tickle

YDI for having a Dad, we all know two Moms are better. :)

how is that punishment? I would love it if my dad dressed up as a bear in public.

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Should have introduced people to your new "pet". Guarentee you would have been a hit.

On the bright side: nobody will know he's your dad.

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stop complaining, that pure awesomeness you just cant handle it

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Well, he is smarter then the average bear.

Fail 66. How does that sentence relate one bit to being smarter than the average bear? Do you think an average bear wouldn't go to a shopping mall full of people? That would make him smart, correct? You inexcusable attempt at humor has thoroughly baffled me. Please try again.

71 - I'm not actually upset at InDenial's comment. He's a great commented an I love those collection of little fail puns or whatever they are called. Chill, gypsy girl.

No, #3, it must have been hard to bear. The word is spelt the same, darling.

I don't know if you spazzing out is indeed chill to you. if so, you're ****** up.

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82- It is the proper use of bare. Look it up. If you want to be a Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation Nazi, at least get your facts straight.

So overused, but still so funny XD

#7 - you're* as in "you're terrible at proper English." Unless you are implying that OP's father is their very own Canadian. #33 - who's* as in "who is even competent at speaking or writing properly these days?" Unless you were responding to #7's implication of OP owning their own Canadian, asking instead whose the Canadian was. As in, belonged to. My tutoring costs $20 an hour. I'll let you have this lesson for free. I'm generous like that.

52, I'm pretty sure 33 was making fun of the persons english. "whose" as in "whose dog is that?" because the other person used the possessive form of your...

#33 Your witty response made me laugh. (I know that sounds sarcastic....but it isn't. I really laughed at the wit.)

wow u sound like a very boring person with lots of cats probably

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hahaha I love comments like this :)

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No need to be embarrassed by your parents, we all have them.

a bear skin shirt?? lol but 4 real bear costumes are the shit

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