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Today, I went to Safeway. The security guard wouldn't stop staring at my boobs. When I confronted him about it he told me that they looked fake and he was making sure I didn't stuff my bra with stolen items. FML
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Hahaha. Gotta love the stupid excuses people make these days


Dang, I would ask him of his balls are fake. Then kick.

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Failed attempt at trying to get the first comment.

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Secutity guard?? Mods I believe that's security guard!! Lol, or is that a pun within the FML??

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66- I think OP was making a pun. :)

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Thanks 72 :) I'm glad I read that carefully then :D

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Um, they changed it to security guard now, good job mods! No pun I guess.. :/ FML

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Haha dawm .. Well were they?

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*Damn. I know, such a hard word to spell.

I'm getting so tired of these "well are they?" or "well did you?" comments. I HAVE YET TO SEE AN OP REPLY BACK TO THEM SO JUST STOP PEOPLE PLEASE.

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I've seen multiple OPs comment back, it's a rare occurrence, but happens. I'd love to see, where OPs can go to tell the rest of the story.

Not rare at all; if you go on the website, you can see all the OPs' replies here:

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Learn something new everyday. Thanks Sirin!

Hahaha. Gotta love the stupid excuses people make these days

My response would always be as follows... Customer: what do you think you're doing?! Security: Boobs... Boobs everywhere.

Well California is known for having a lot of fake boobs and fake faces.

i'm from California, and that stereotype is only accurate in Hollywood.

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I personally dont think its an excuse i think hes doing some mighty good securititty work she might have been a thief!

If girls don't want their boobs to be stared at, then why the hell wear low cut tops with your cleavage clearly showing? Seriously. What's the point of showing cleavage if you don't want people to see it? Get over it.

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If you dont want stares cover that shit up, simple as that.

Hey it was a pretty good one! I give him props!

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He was "reading the writing on her shirt."

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The only stereotype for California that is agreed by everyone. It is hot down there.(This coming from a northern Canadian who has only gone to Florida once, what do I know?)

All I can think of is nice ass... Your pic is mesmerizing.

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Tig ol' bitties from youtube is all I could think of when I read this.

I dunno, I keep thinking of Shane Dawson saying "Boobie boobies!" in Aunt Hilda's voice.

Ass! *******! Ass and *******! Ass ass ******* ******* ass and *******!

I didn't think anybody would get my reference... I feel at home!

25 - That's not him, it's a guy not a girl!

Hahaha ohhhh wow. Fun things happening at the Safeway.

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The OP didnt have fun.. unless that was an attempt at being sarcastic.

Well, that's a titty situation! Sorry guys, I tried to think outside the box.

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And besides, I did say I was sorry!

Tough ******* allard, we do not accept your apology!

Allard, I mentioned you in my bio. Give me cake.

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Sidel's pic goes together with his comment

AbbyAbyss, I'm so happy right now! And I'm glad some people liked it. :).

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be happy he didn't do a pat-down.

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Speaking of pat downs, is it just me or does everyone else get their chest area pat down at the airport? It's only happened when I traveled to the US (and within the US too) but not when I traveled to Asia or Europe :3

It doesn't happen to everyone, but it's not unusual. American airport security has been molesting people ever since 9/11. It's quite controversial here, actually. Personally, I find it rather ridiculous that the TSA insists upon violating people whom they have no reason to suspect.

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Better to be safe than sorry 88.

Yeah, because safety is a great reason to make an 80 year old woman remove her diaper and to put a 4 year old child on a no-fly list. I'm all for safety, but some of the TSA procedures are stupid and are only done to make the agency politically correct so it can't be accused of racial profiling.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I wasn't sure how it worked over there. We don't do Pat downs at our airports here.

If I fly wearing a tampon, will they make me take that off too? That is just ridiculous.

95, Not at all, being too safety conscious is NOT a good thing. Theres a limit at which point it just becomes ridiculous - and airports are quickly getting to that point. Fact, if someone wants to get shit on your plane badly enough it will happen. Making it harder is good, but when it becomes chaos for those who are not doing anything wrong, or boundaries are being crossed it is totally unacceptable. It's about time those assholes learnt this and stopped ******* everyone around.

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Just say they're real and spectacular. :)

That reminds me of a Seinfeld episode!

94 - I'm pretty sure that was the point of her comment.

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I'm glad someone got my reference! One of the best shows ever!

I haven't watched it in so long... ):

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Wasn't it the chick that played supermans girlfriend Lois Lane that says that line?

It's Terri Hatcher who says it, though she's best known for playing Susan Meyer on Desperate Housewives. And yes, I love that show. :)