By Anonymous - 01/05/2009 04:11 - United States

Today, I had to pee really bad so I tried to unlock my door as fast as I could. I put my key in and turned it too hard, the key snapped inside. I ended up peeing on myself. FML
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I've had this happen one time before. I didn't pee myself, but it sucked. FYL

Aww, I feel for you. That happened to me when I was about 10. It was the middle of the night, I was on a residential school trip, and you had to enter a code to unlock the toilet block. =(

well you could have peed outside instead of in your pants...

That's a little bit awful. Squat in a bush, or something...

not your fault....u gotta go when u gotta go!

The key snapping in half? Try not being able to open the door at all, fortunately there were two doors and one of them suddenly got vacant. I rushed in as fast as I can, what a friggin relief.

#8 I was confused for 2 minutes. Wondering what the hell you were even talking about. The reason post #5 and #6 have been deleted, so I kept reading #4 to try to figure it out. FML. I'm guessing it was advertising.

I've been there, rush hour traffic is usually where this happens to me. I'm walking to my lot after work, realize I gotta piss but there aren't bathrooms in the skyway.. So I gotta make it home. I usually have to sacrifice a water bottle or two in my car. ******* traffic.