By jellymoon14 - 28/07/2011 22:25 - United States

Today, after being recently laid off at work due to "cutbacks", I went job searching around town. During my drive, I cruised past my old workplace and saw a "now hiring" sign in their window. FML
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go get your job back since the "cutbacks" r over


biasedshooter 24

yes, I would like to know the location of this job as I am currently unemployed and have been looking for awhile :P

YourEvilHero 12

show them they fired the wrong guy by becoming famous

NastyNinja31 0

go get your job back since the "cutbacks" r over

saaaalt 4

How funny would it be if you went to get your job back & applied only to find out that you didn't meet the company standards lol that's the only way to find out if you got fired I guess...

is there a reason you said my name?? ^^

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OP, were you the only one fired?

cutbacks can mean a lot of things... im not gunna judge though

@20 Sorry boners, he actually works at "Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn." XD

maybe they are hiring people for lower pay?

in a week call that creepy dead skin peeling lady

@sunburn fml, phone ****** up fml app

#1 not with that creepy face you can have the job :OO

go applie at the placr that just fired you.

did you just call me a scrub? :O the only scrub I know is the show. and I am very well aware of the movie. the face still creeps me out tho =]

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13, that is generally why someone gets fired in the first place

in Canada, that's illegal. they have to offer the job to anyone they laid off by law, unless you actually got fired, which it sounds like based on your story

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21- There actually is a Dirty Dicks crab shack

62- your photo pisses me off everytime I see it...

biasedshooter 24

125, since you are made so uncomfortable by my avi let me distract you... first!

Why would that piss you off? Unless your ugly and unattractive.

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wow 45, this is actually the first time that I've seen you comment something completely serious and still funny. I applaud you!

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Sad thing is #2 doesn't pass age 12.

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You must have a huge vocabulary.

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if you got fired, it was probably for a reason

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yeah I agree in ur next job try harder

I agree... If you had tried harder, perhaps you wouldn't have gotten fired!!

i hate when people cant tell it like it is

I'd go in and say "hi I'd like to apply for my ******* job back job back"

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"cutbacks" my ass. considering how the job climate is right now, this is a BIG FYL.

Job climate is way down you one of the people who voted in this president ?

although I agree that it sucks, you've gotta wonder why they would do that. I mean, there's some people at my job now that don't pull their weight at work and the same will probably happen to them. we'll have "cutbacks" then a hiring frenzy