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By Anonymous - 01/05/2016 04:36 - United States - Bloomfield

Today, I walked in on my brother trying to stick his knob into a cola bottle. FML
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Did it fit?

I guess this is the new Kylie Jenner challenge



Did it fit?

I'd feel kind of sorry for the brother if it did.

If it did, this is more of a FHisL I would say

I guess this is the new Kylie Jenner challenge

I think it's the new Bruce Jenner challenge

tarlax 11

Wow, #8, that's so original and clever. That's the wittiest and edgiest comment I've seen all year. I'm not even being sarcastic. Oh wait, yeah I am.

I bet you're fun at parties

Maybe they just don't like transphobic 'jokes'.

I thought it was funny. Insensitive and transphobic and whatnot, but still funny =P

I bet you're not fun at parties #26

1) I am not transphobic, I believe anyone can do what they want. 2) I'm in the LGBTQ community (I'm bi) and I support EVERY letter and then some. 3) it's a joke, not everything has to be taken so seriously in life

Every time you make the LGBTQ+ community the butt of a joke, whether you're part of it or not, you diminish the plight, goals, and accomplishments of that group of people. It's taken a lot of effort for us to get where we are now, and we've still got a long way to go. I'm all for fun and games, but not at the expense of others.

How does my joke do anything? You act like one joke is gonna make it so gays can't vote. It's a joke. It's not the end of the world. Whether you like it or not jokes are gonna be made and I'd rather embrace them (if meant to be funny not hurtful)

It's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.

What did you do after that?

He took it as a challenge and tried it too.

There should be a follow up

If it fit then I feel sorry for you brother's girlfriend.

Something tells me he doesn't have a girlfriend...

Wow, is be surprised if it worked. I always need to use Gatorade bottles for—WHAT NEVER MIND. Nothing.

*I'd Dude, we're better than this.

crazyindynathan 13

The sentence makes sense either way.

What kind of silly fool would do such a thing? I mean, you should at least use a Pepsi bottle like any self-respecting, dick-inserting expert would do.

He needs a sport or a girlfriend. Or both.

Because people can't masturbate in a relationship??

I'm going to have to agree with #10, here. A girlfriend or teammate might be willing to hold the bottle while he aims and thrusts.

Sadly this isn't something that is new to me, my friend used a shampoo bottle instead...apparently it's common and effective?

The best part is that shampoo hides the evidence. That's why it's my go-to. No one ever suspects the truth when they shower at my place.

Right. So I'm never going to take a shower at a friends place without my own shampoo again.

If it was his bedroom or washroom, why didn't you knock?

Toss him the can of crisco- cheap bastard !!