By Porcelain - 03/10/2009 13:47 - United States

Today, during the opening night performance of our schools musical, while I wasn't on stage I decided to use the restroom. I came out to find two of my fellow actresses putting their hands over my mouth. Apparently, I had left my microphone on and everyone heard me using the restroom. FML
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Weezie_rm tells us more.

So I wouldn't talk and the audience wouldn't hear me. And I didn't make any awkward sounds in the restroom either. All of a sudden the audience just heard a huge "FLUSH!!!!"Which is why the sound guys didnt have time to turn off the mic. And they apologized to me afterwards, but it was embarrassing. Now it's funny.

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Uuuunnnhhhh oh my god fuckyesfuckyesfuckyes. *flush*

Any respectable sound tech, would have muted your channel immediately after realizing what was going on.. and even if you were off stage, your mic channel should have been muted anyway.


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Uuuunnnhhhh oh my god fuckyesfuckyesfuckyes. *flush*

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Sweet, you both win the douche of the day award

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Oh god, you're not the type who moans when going to the bathroom are you?

Exactly what I was thinking #51 why the hell would you make noise that is ridiculous this is a total YDI. I mean really if you make noise obliviously someone would here it, even if they even passed by the bathroom.

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the naked gun was hilarious

OP didn't necessarily make noise with her mouth. The audience most likely heard the noise from whatever she released, the toilet flushing, and OP washing her hands.

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So why did they put their hands over OP's mouth?

the only way i see this as being unfortunate is if you were really constipated, or if you just had extremely bad exploding diahrea, i mean what would they here, if its just a couple of plops not a big deal, if you were screaming at the top of your lungs because the poop was cutting you open on the way out i would probably be embarrassed, but than i would got and apply a bandaid to my anus

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Lmfaooooo "cutting you open"

It may be unfortunate, but it reminds me of a scene from a "Naked Gun" film... hmm

Aw that's ******* sick as long as you don't talk,moan, or make weird noises your good. But they probably heard you peeing or pooping and flushing, sucks fer you. Fyl.

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At least you made it interesting. School musicals are usually pretty boring...

She could've also just taken the mic off - I think there's enough blame to go around. But I gotta admit - that does suck....

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everyone goes to the bathroom. no big deal, they'll forget about it in less than a week

So that means it's impossible for this to happen in reality?

No, This is actually very real. I have never seen Naked Gun and this really did happen to me during the performance. It sucked at the time but it's hilarious, and now I have the nickname "Porcelain".

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This happened in our musical a few years ago... Only the girl ran back to the dressing rooms to do a costume change really fast. Everyone heard her say to someone "OKAY, TAKING OFF MY BRA NOW!" Embarrassing... But this type of stuff really does happen.

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fake!!! its been only a month at school in the us so they wouldnt be starting the opening night now you'd need at least 3-5 months to prepare

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ah, true. and it's a musical, it would take longer than the 2 months they've been in school. speaking from experiance.

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well they could have worked on the production over the summer, or at the end of last year and the summer. im also speaking from experience

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it doesn't say when it's been worked on, either one of us could be correct. when I was in high school, the only thing we did over the summer was a camp to get to know the new members.

All FMLs are required to start with "Today". So this might have happened several months ago for all we know.

Maybe she goes to a year-round school...?

It hasn't been a month in the us, it's been almost three months where I live. Dumbass.

We did 13 shows a year at my high school...

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if you're in theatre, you should know everyone has to use the restroom before you start. you indeed diserve that. if you have a bad bladder, who gives a ****, everyone pee's and *****. the audience won't know it's you. the cast will though :) and you'll probably be the root of all the jokes for a bit. again, who gives a ****. I hope it wasn't loud enough to go over their singing and ruin the play.