By Anonymous - 28/10/2013 06:31 - United Kingdom - Leicester

Today, when I locked my newly repaired bike up, I carefully took the new rear light off it so that nobody could steal said light. Somebody stole my bike. At least I have a red light to play with. FML
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Rddvl 11

you just can't win sometimes. FYL OP

Damn, at least there's a light side of the situation, right? Ha, ha, nobody??


I guess that was an enlightened decision of taking off the light

Well atleast she was looking on the bright side of things..

Hopefully the thief will "see the light" and return your bike!

Imhere4fml 24

But if the thief dies, how will OP get their bike back?

Rddvl 11

you just can't win sometimes. FYL OP

maybe you could hang said red light from your back door...

threer 30

Oh, no, no, no.. Shiny things attract idiots. Do you want OP's house to be swarmed by idiots?!?

AurumPotestasEst 16
vuduguru 5

the cops ain't gonna do shit besides tell you they have more important things to deal with, I speak from experience

At least you can try to look on the bright side.

The only way to do that is shine the light directly in her eyes. I can't see much of a "bright side" otherwise.

I'm not sure if staring at me will help much..

You're perfect! Do you mind if I drag you along by a leash all day? That way whenever something happens I can just turn and look at you.

It's a battle out there... And these thieves keep winning... Smdh

Today, I stole a bike thinking it was new. I then found out someone had taken the rear red light off. FML

Or I stole someone's bike today, and then got rear ended by a truck because they couldn't see me without the red light. FML.

Today, I had to talk to the police as the paramedics peeled off some bicyclist from the front of my truck whom didn't have a rear light for me to see. FML

That's cool.. A whole family of FML's have been spawned from this one incident!

Maybe it might en-light-in the situation. Give it a chance.