By Anonymous - United States - New York
Today, I finally got to meet the new Director of my department. She was my intern eight years ago, the one I declined to recommend for a full time position due to interpersonal conflicts. She knows. FML
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  ohsnapword  |  21

I wouldn't count on it. Women never forgive and forget.



A lot of commenters are assuming that it was the new director who was the problem eight years ago and not the OP. Considering the new director is the boss of a company that the OP has been working in for many years, it is possible that the OP just didn't like them and was unprofessional and vindictive by trying to hold them back in their career. Kudos to the new director who seemingly is very successful in spite of the actions of the OP. In fact, it would seem that their success has surpassed the OP's. Perhaps the OP is the one who can't get along with others and that is why they are not the boss now.