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  nathan5  |  0

Fair point girls, but I'd just like to point out that many girls have/have had two boyfriends at once. It works both ways-and its horrible...


Very true.
Did you ladies think about the fact that they're both cheating on him?
Maybe they deserve to be cheated on because they're cheating.
It's just a big circle of cheaters.
They all deserve each other.
They should just have a nice threesome and call it a day.

  mask724  |  7

just wondering, if they are not married, and having premarital Sx what is the prob? guys and GIRLS have more than one partner before getting married. have fun and a three way

  NTalbott  |  4

I agree with #45. And #17 you can't just "go lesbian." If you're not attracted to women, then you're not attracted to women and you can't force yourself to be just because some guys are assholes.

By  FMLforALL  |  0

See if you all can get it on together! I see no FML here! Even if they day no, you're a dirty ol' cheater, too. I would say YDI, but you don't deserve that kind of luck!