By f.a.t. - 04/10/2013 08:20 - Australia

Today, while in bed, my boyfriend pointed to my stomach and said, "Bad fat", then pointed to my boobs and said, "Good fat." FML
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That's when I would have pointed to him and said "Bad boyfriend!"

That's when you do the "good head, bad head" with his penis and his actual head.


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shy_and_bubbly 6

I don't type well when I haven't slept

Rainhawk94 27

violence will change his way of thinking! ...not

If she hits him hard enough it will.

Ah, the old "sleep deprivation" tactic. Poorly played.

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I prefer people type "woulda" instead of "would of." That's what I do

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though to be fair on 80, I guess viloence is not the answer either

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#100 You say "it's spelled" not "is spelled"

99, Try again. Both fail. It should be "would have".

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These comments would give a Grammar Nazi cancer...

Man bb u s wel de most best at dis fml. Prech on brudda. I wuda sed de same ting givn de opprnitity.

@99, I prefer people type "would have" instead of anything else.

This is the biggest grammar nazi comment thread I have ever seen.

That's when I would have pointed to him and said "Bad boyfriend!"

as if there was a good boyfriend hiding in the closet

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Damn. I guess according to your statement, I was some how an exception to that logic.

That's when you do the "good head, bad head" with his penis and his actual head.

Or 'bad head' (pointing to his brain) and 'never getting any head' (pointing to his dick).

i like the original comeback here XD your awesome haha Id never say that to my girl though XD i hope i wear a bulletproof vest if i do lol

Then he will point at your head and say, "bad head" then point at your mouth and say, "GREAT head!"

Does he realise that if you try and get rid of the "bad fat", the "good fat" is usually the thing that goes first? Bet he'll regret it then.

nattynatters 14

Poke him in the dick and say, "Useless fat." ******* rude.

nattynatters 14

Then say, "Useless spongy tissue"?

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Darn it Pleo, now you've made it sound like a Hostess Twinkie. Creme-filled deliciousness. Hmm, wait a minute...

If they're sharing a bed, I doubt she finds it useless. Just my take on it though.

am I the only one that misses pleonasms old profile pic?

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Your boyfriend sounds like a douche.

he was probably just making a bad joke, so calling him a douche seems uncalled for

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Uncalled for? Joke or not his comment was uncalled for.As is yours.

I like breasts. I think a lot of men do. They are not all made of fat. OP your boyfriend really needs a life lesson.

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I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but breasts ARE fat. Is your whole life a lie now?

There are still fat cells present in the fake ones.

I hate to burst your bubble while you inflate mine, the breast consists of not ONLY FAT. There's alot more to it than just skin and fat. 1.The breast is an apocrine gland that produces milk,2. for which the nipple of the breast is centred in (surrounded by) an areola (nipple-areola complex, NAC),3. The milk ducts (lactiferous ducts) are immediately surrounded with dense connective tissue that functions as a support framework. I could go on to the anatomy but I think this will keep your tit head busy for a while. Oh and I have inboxed this to you so you can see it and prepare an appropriate response.

"You're not wrong, you're just an asshole"

53, did you enjoy googling that so your response looked valid?

Yea pretty much. Thanks for the compliment

If you look me up in the dictionary, you'll suddenly find out what a twat is.

the problem for you 53 is that all the stuff you wikipediad doesn't take up Small or big, all breasts have that structure. Unless a woman is pregnant/breastfeeding, all that extra volume is, I'm afraid, just fat. Don't be upset about it.

I have a fairly large chest and it's not mostly fat. You can feel the ducts and not fat when you actually press against it like during a home breast cancer exam. They are more than just a bag of sand

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hahaha. that made me laugh. she could say, "long and thin will get you in, but short and fat is where it's at." then pause and say, "I'm not sure where your short and thin goes... but I know it's not in me." Then make a smooth exit.

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listen to the man. you might learn something

Indeed, I've learned how to be an inconsiderate dick and how to hurt a girl's self-esteem.

You've also learned how to pick up chicks for one-night stands.