By purplexangel - 02/08/2012 17:32 - United States - Lubbock

Today, I tried to stand by my toaster and train myself to not jump when it popped up. Not only did I jump, I also knocked the toaster off the counter and onto my toes. FML
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sporty1200xlr 6

You would be a fun friend to mess with.

olpally 32

That toester just trolled you... Lol. Toester-1 you-0


Bad boy! Bad boy! You don't simply train yourself you need together a dog

Naomimi_fml 6

He needs to get a dog... which he'll train to get the toast?

1 - Even when it says "get a dog" I still don't see where you were going with that comment.

Like human trains dogs so in this case the dog trains the human

Don't bother trying to explain it. It'll never make sense to the rest of us.

Not to mention that OP isn't a boy at all, so saying 'bad boy' just isn't right.

I honestly don't understand the toaster jump scares... I don't get startled?

Lol why are you standing by your toaster so much

Trisha_aus 15

Yeah Op, is this what you do for fun?

"My hobbies include long walks on the beach, and standing next to toasters."

My toaster is super fancy. Has motors and when the toast is done it beeps and then raises by power motors. Pretty fancy stuff!

sporty1200xlr 6

You would be a fun friend to mess with.

U didn't just do that op! U deserve it for jumping on the pop out :p

People today are scared of everything. One person jumps once over a toaster pop up and it's spread like wildfire. It's toast, expect it to pop the **** up in 2 minutes, if you can't count or put a radio on buy a dualit toaster because they don't pop up they have a count down timer and you pop it yourself.

AClassActx3 7

I don't think anxiety attacks deserve a haha. *rude stare*

Trisha_aus 15

Why would you do that in the first place? There are other fun things to do

connerwonner 7

Op didn't say she was doing this for fun.

Inheritance 10

This FML reminds me of that game Pops

olpally 32

That toester just trolled you... Lol. Toester-1 you-0

I almost corrected your spelling... almost

olpally 32

I didn't think fat bastard knew how to spell. Lol, good job not correcting me. :D

Luunatic 13

It's hopeless OP, we've all tried and all failed :'(

Unmm not we all lol i never jumped :)

I always jump with excitement that I have fresh hot toast to put my grape jelly on!!!(:

HerroMaylaHerro 6

Get a toaster oven :P it beeps instead

You need a job or something to do in your spare time besides this!