By bullseyed - 08/12/2010 04:20 - United States

Today, I planned to drop a water balloon on my visiting prankster brother from my new apartment's balcony. As he crossed the street, I launched the balloon, and sent it right behind him. It hit an eight year old on a scooter. FML
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Headshot +50! :D

Imagine the next fml being- Today I was riding my scooter and out of nowhere I got hit by a water balloon. I had to ride my scooter a mile to get back home. FML


bamagrl410 31

And the mods will get you in 5...4...321. when will you people learn? Anyways, I find this FML hilarious, but YDI.

HAHAA! :D Wait. Am I the only one who finds that funny? /:

hehe he's wet

umm dah ofcouse his wet!!

I'm wet too.

33- Seriously? 35- You're a feisty one, aren't you?

I don't see the FML here. you hit a 8 year old with a water ballon and most likely made he/her cry like a baby. this is a triumph

41- I have been described as that. among other things.

When I was 8 we had water balloon fights all the time, so unless it was 20 degrees out it's not a big deal.

did you shout "pow! right in the kisser!" when the balloon hit?

the kid got owned

+10 points

50 if the kid cried or shouted...this is not an FML...this is awesome

at least it was the balloon hitting the eight year old, not you

how does he know she was eight years old I wonder..

From the Hack Licence on the scooter.

Headshot +50! :D

boom headshot biatch

head shot bitch u just got owned

haha sik I'm sure he had it coming.

There are no "innocent" bystanders

Should have filled it with paint.

Where's the "EPIC FAIL" option?

JonaDona 2

that was a win to me

"fail" is a verb not a noun you bastard!!!

99, it can be both.

You have fantastic aim, OP.

he was secretly aiming for the kid the entire time :p

Well then that's even better yet!