By shea234 - 20/02/2012 16:19 - United States

Today, I tried to find myself a friend on Craigslist. FML
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Yeah, you can be my friend too :D

You can also find a very friendly "friend" on Craigslist too. You might have to pay though.

shanemaximo 7

That's a good way to get yourself molested.

Why can't this person be the molestor? They're looking for a friend on CraigsList, which means someone else would be looking for the same, wouldn't that mean they have personality similarities? Or they're just both slightly creepy?.. 34 - Is that a modified duck face? -__-

My cousin used to go on craigslist but stopped after a guy named the strokanator e mailed her..

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Can I be your friend glitterhinoceros?

Yes my heritage is part mallard and I unfortunately took two arrows to the knee.. My 'Angelina Jolie' lips have burdened me with trolls once again.

doogy15 11

Glitter will you be my friend?

hellbilly205 17

Better then the people who go on there to look for pot smoking buddies...

Woah, I'm not trolling, I just click on every single profile I see, and in the 1.5seconds I spent on yours I came to the conclusion you have a *duck face* pose.

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Hehe you guys are arguing over his profile picture smile?! If you used all that anger on something good, you could invent a time machine. Get along :)

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Ill be your friend. But just for a bit cause I have more important shit to do.

Op I'll be your friend 34-- your lips look fine :) you're clearly not making slutty-girl-kissy-duck-lips

Forever alone... Yes I know I will get 200 thumbs down, but I honestly don't care. So: every positive like this had I'll take a shot of tequila.

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And that's how OP made many new friends. THE END

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I know this guy who knows another guy who had a friend once.

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if she did do you think she would post an fml?

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There are hundreds of furry friends just waiting for your love in the pets category.

Come on. You can't be that bad. Try doing something heroic. Like.... Protecting a nerd that is getting picked on. Or..... Beat up a guy that is bothering a girl at the bar. Do something to get yourself noticed

5- You have the absolute best picture I have ever seen.

4ugu4 7

-5, doesn't that only happen in movies?

:( don't worry! I'll be your friend but only friends nothing beyond that!!

I'm not entirely sure I'd wanna be friends with someone who has krazy in their name.....BUT I'd be friends with someone that has 666 in the name. O.o

We don't want your kind around here! Damned satanists.

Petunia888 13

That's a scary place to look for someone to just be friends with. A booty call, yes...friends, eh, maybe not.

I'm friends with a lot of really hot chicks on Facebook! None of them know me...

That's a good way to get raped right there

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It's not rape if op asked for it

shanemaximo 7

Just make sure any "friends" you find aren't driving white, unmarked vans.

Gondile 4

Nah, I'm pretty sure OP is too old for those types.

How does this FML give us any indication of age? You, as well as the rest of us, have no idea how old OP is

He just knows shit? Or he could've looked up the ad.

I love you WCAR. Marry me. Then I can tell our children how their mommy and daddy met on FML.

You look hot so I'm down. What a great love story.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Still a better love story than Twilight.

That's because this love story doesn't involve sparkling vampires. This love story in particular involves tons of flowers and a sprinkling of romance on the way. Nobody sucks necks in this love story. :D

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Unless she is into that..? You never know

myoukei 31

don't disgrace the name of vampires by calling the beings in twilight such. they are MEYERPIRES. vampires do not sparkle >:|

What exactly is a meyerpire? I will disgrace anything that I feel like disgracing. o.O

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