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  SoSickWithIt  |  14

Why can't this person be the molestor?
They're looking for a friend on CraigsList, which means someone else would be looking for the same, wouldn't that mean they have personality similarities? Or they're just both slightly creepy?..

34 - Is that a modified duck face? -__-

By  Webslinger66  |  10

Come on. You can't be that bad. Try doing something heroic. Like.... Protecting a nerd that is getting picked on. Or..... Beat up a guy that is bothering a girl at the bar. Do something to get yourself noticed

  niznor99  |  6

I'm not entirely sure I'd wanna be friends with someone who has krazy in their name.....BUT I'd be friends with someone that has 666 in the name. O.o

  niznor99  |  6

That's because this love story doesn't involve sparkling vampires. This love story in particular involves tons of flowers and a sprinkling of romance on the way. Nobody sucks necks in this love story. :D