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Today, I tried the 'Casual Encounter' page on Craigslist. Three hours, a bunch of spam, and a 30-minute call to some company, speaking to some lady I could barely understand to recover the $40 somehow charged to my card. I think I might want to try other ways to meet people. FML
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I feel like, if you went out and asked out, I dunno, a coworker or something, you would have better luck. Or cats, cats help.


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You might be more of a Tinder person.

I feel like, if you went out and asked out, I dunno, a coworker or something, you would have better luck. Or cats, cats help.

Cats help old ladies, not really meeting people.

I would recommend trying things out in your community to meet people, such as joining clubs and playing sports. :)

Try talking to people in public. Worked for me.

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if you aren't able to meet people in person (I mean there are various reasons why people arent able to or would prefer not to) and would prefer the help of online matching and socializing I'd recommend okcupid or eharmony over something like Craigslist, it's considerably more secure

I recommend Plenty of Fish, it's free :p

I met my husband on PoF. It's not for everyone, but it worked for us.

Okay PoF spokeswoman, not only could II not care less how you met your husband, but that is COMPLETELY irrelevant to the topic of "some @$$hole goes on craigslist for cas XXX, then spends half an hour undoing a scam he fell for hook, line, and sinker"

Wow #13! You're an ass! It IS relevant considering they were saying PoF worked for them and that OP should try it. Their comment had nothing to do with scams.

13....just wow. Like 18 said-definitely relevant and there was no reason to be so rude. I created an account on here just to die vote you.

Considering that the casual encounter section on Craigslist is for 'getting some,' as one might say, it is completely relevant to the conversation. PoF is a free site, where it is less likely the OP would enter their credit card information, that also has an option that one can select that he or she only wishes to hook up with someone instead of having an actual relationship. The entire FML could have been avoided, or some future schmuck could avoid the same situation with the information provided. Perhaps you would like to take your cretinous attitude elsewhere? It seems that no one appreciates the dickery you've unfolded.

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I guess I'd be another PoF spokesperson talking about non-relevant information on FML because I met my wife through PoF as well. I do recommend it over Craigslist but its just as hard to talk to women on it. Hard for them to sort out the creepers trying to get laid from the good guys when they're getting messages every 2 minutes asking to meet up or see their dick. Going on a tangent here but long story short I'd still recommend PoF over Craigslist.

Dude what would EVER possess you to five out your credit card info through craigslist? Honest to god you might be the dumbest man I ever met

"somehow" charged to his card. Makes it seem like he didn't just tell people his information.

@11 Yes because they just magically got his financial info to charge him $30.. He had to be stupid enough to provide some sort of financial info for him to get charged.

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A couple things #7, you never met OP and if that's your definition of the dumbest man you've ever met you must not be even the least bit observant to the world around you. There is a reason entire companies are built on taking advantage of men looking for think all those "women" posting and replying on Craigslist are doing so without actually landing a few suckers everyday? I'm sure the number of men that give their credit card info out via craigslist is in the hundreds of thousands if not more. Maybe you should broaden your understanding of what constitutes dumb, a lapse of judgement caused by thinking with the wrong head isn't exactly a rarity.

It's almost like you people have never heard of identity theft, or think all the victims of it just nonchalantly wave their personal info around everywhere.

24, a lot of people may fall for it but that doesn't make it less of a stupid move. Giving your credit card information to people you've never met (and on craigslist? good grief) is a stupendously bad move. I'd like to think most people would know better than to do it.

Sure it could be identity theft. However anyone using Craigslist should practically expect that, and thus follow precautions: 1) Use throwaway e-mail 2) Don't provide personally identifiable information. Having never used a casual encounter before, I don't know what the protocol is, but I would be extremely hesitant before giving a responder my full name or address. I'd probably try to meet the person in a public place first. It is safe to assume that any information provided over Craigslist will be used for the worst possible purposes. If he did not provide any such information, then the identity theft should have nothing to do with Craigslist unless he got a virus over e-mail or something.

The "somehow" in the FML still makes me think he didn't give out any info. Maybe it's wishful thinking but I would like to think that even people stupid enough to give out info on a questionable place like craigslist would at least be able to realize that's why their money was taken. If I had to guess I would think it was from a website or email, still completely OP's fault, but certainly far from the stupidest thing a person can do.

Why would you use your credit card on something you saw on Craigslist? YDI.

that was my exact thought!! As if Craigslist isn't low enough, he's admitting to having tried paying for "services"...doh!

YDI for giving craigslist personals any credibility.

YDI, because you had to have been stupid enough to provide some sort of financial info, to a random person/link provided on craiglists casual encounter section, to be "somehow" charged.