By WTA - 20/02/2012 17:36 - United States

Today, I tried to impress my wife by doing a bunch of push-ups, despite having a bad shoulder. She told me my form sucks and that I'm an idiot. Now I can barely move my arm and I'm going to have to get it fixed. FML
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dude, she's your wife... she doesn't give two shots about how many pushups you can do... esp with a bad shoulder. next time either try phenomenal sex or just do the Damn dishes


androiddestroya 7

oh.... man that's a low blow :| sorry OP

A100893 30

OP, you probably should have waited until your arm healed before you tried to 'impress' anybody.

Maybe he was trying to show off that he can do these things while hurt

98....99...1000...see honey???!!!

Well did you get a low blow at least? Or was it a complete waste of time?

Dude you married her you don't have to impress her anymore

Push-ups only impress men. Push-up bras that is. I'm here all week.

22cute 17

Try impressing her with good judgment. Or good hygiene. Or good manners. Or even good gifts. That crap only impresses other men.

EmilyShmemily496 0

Your wife's a bitch!

thiscrazything 1

Maybe it would help if you stopped doing stupid things......

LivingProdigy 0

True story

I won once. A women told me that there was no way in hell that I could be any dumber. I proved that bitch wrong!

mason012 0

True dat

38 - I am intrigued. Tell me how you accomplished this feat! (No sarcasm, I really am curious).

xxCandyKissxx 1

Aw well, No offense but that was kinda stupid if your crippled :/

Give the guy a break,he is just trying to impress his woman. Many guys try their hardest to impress their wife/girlfriend, and all some girls do is bitch and put them down. This FML is a prime example

xxCandyKissxx 1

Yah I know, but he's got a messed up's just common sense

You'd understand if you were a guy

HannahWho 8

No one is saying don't try to impress your woman... but you guys have it all wrong. We don't want to see you doing push ups, we want to see you taking out the trash or cleaning up the living room. That's impressive.

I personally understand why, but that doesn't make it good for them if they've got a bad shoulder.

Your wife needs to be upgraded.

Pfft, her husband needs to be upgraded.

I read this comment right when i was listening to the song "upgrade you"

Pimp your Bitch airs on MTV in the fall of 2012.

Into a cyberman?

dude, she's your wife... she doesn't give two shots about how many pushups you can do... esp with a bad shoulder. next time either try phenomenal sex or just do the Damn dishes

Take the garbage out. Bitches love when you take the garbage out. It's like a turn on.

Hahah that's right just do the damn dishes is quite macho trying to impress ur wife with pushups lmao.. Clean up the house without her asking that would impress her

Don't try to impress your wife? Maybe learn to cook if you want to impress...

Why did the period at the end go to a different comment...

Y do u need to impress ur married.

Y do u need talk lik dis u go schol?

So what? All the romance ends once you get back from the honeymoon? I hate when people think like that. "ok well she's mine now so I don't have to do jack shit now for my girl." Guys like that don't deserve the woman they're with.

Woah, chill. I hate people too, don't worry.

Usually if an FML begins with "I tried" or I thought" it's a YDI

To all you kids asking or wondering why men need to impress their wives, it's the same reason they still put on makeup when we go out - just because you're in a committed relationship doesn't mean you get to give up and become a slob. That's called being "complacent", and it's a great way to poison a marriage.

Smartest person on FML.

Well...I dunno about you, but my boyfriend doesn't have to do things to impress me...small little texts with a cute message make me quite happy...or maybe I'm just weird XD but I've always thought it's silly to try to impress someone with looks/physical characteristics...*is trying not to go on a long, tired tangent*

92, yea but you two aint married.