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Today, I found out that my best friend kisses me while I sleep. We're both guys. FML
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yarbles 3

Awww how sweet. Dont act like you dont like it.


Um, how did you find out exactly? That's what I wanna know

@1 : Well isn't that just a giant accomplishment?

OhHolaAlli 0

#7 is right....I hope that wasn't something you woke up to...awkward! lmao.

blindyblonde13 0

umm. does anyone else question how weird this fml is?

I'm with #12 that's funny lol and bro how did u just now find out?

well dis you deserv a kiss. if not, your life is still ****** :p

Floridahllywd 0

Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Damn that sucks!!! FYL!!!

just slap that ******** across the mouth

Unwanted sexual advances. Wouldn't that be sexual assualt? Especially since it's non-consensual.

IfIGetBannedOneM 0

Can somebody tell me why my accounts keep getting banned?

blindyblonde13 0

So yeh like men do yeh? ^^^ Whoever can name where this comes from gets 5 points

59- Is that you, Rape? ^ Haha Rape! FML related pun! :)

IfIGetBannedOneM 0

This is my 3rd account in two weeks

Loren- Your new picture kind of scares me, not gonna lie :/

RaIeigh 0

Jess, it scares me too :( Loren has became too beast for my eyes to look upon.. No ****.

Ugh Ra not you too! Why do people have to say "no ****" everytime they compliament someone of the same sex? Are you people that insecure with your sexualities that you have to repeatedly reassure yourself and justify your "straightness" to others? 

RaIeigh 0

Nahh, it's always been more of a joke to me Jess :P I didn't know you took these things so serious 0.o

Haha no way Jessie . Do you happen to watch MeekaKitty on YouTube? She talked about the same exact thing today

That's creepy as hell. You better confront him and let him know if he does that again there will be some consequences and repercussions.

he probably blows you too. just sayin...

Ra- Sorry I didn't mean to snap at you :( Its more of a "straw that broke the camels back" kind of thing. I see people on here and in real life say it all the time. It's ridiculous. So sorry again bro, my bad  Nylecroc- Nope never heard of her. Not a big YouTube fan myself though.

hopefully the OP's gay too, otherwise they might need a 'chat'..

YourEvilHero 12

I'm straight When I see your mom :O (ooooooh) No response to that eh?

Wow, Literally No responses in 10 minutes

nylecroc, do you watch YGOTAS?? with Joey it's never a surprise!!

BeeHappy no I don't recall watching it. but have you seen Austin Powers! I'm watching it right now hahaha so funny!

Straight as in not gay or straight as in boner?

Jess, I have a confession. I've been cheating on you with at least 35 other women plus Sean and funyonboy.

Samantha! Oh my word! I'm appalled at you Sammykins. I really thought what we had was special :( *sob* Wait---Funyon boy? As in MY Landypoo?! WTF?!

lol we are all horrible cheaters. but Jess we do have something special! <33 :D

Fine Sam I don't mind sharing you with the others. But Landy is mine! Mine mine mine! Hahaha I sound like such a stalker right now! Rape- Read your last comment. It says, "Its me RAPED!" Haha :)

Rape- Haha I know, I just saw that and I totally LOL'd so I thought I'd share. Why was your username RapeDungeon anyway? Kicks?

amazingjane 0

#79 What do you mean YOU people?

dude, u live in Texas, u can get burned at a stake 4 bein gay.

141- I meant people who say "no ****" I was addressing them in my comment. Rape- Aaah I see. What's Tosh.0? Or Tosh? Never heard of it.

(I'm going to play a Jess) Ok guys, just ignore my comment (was it good?)

Ohh kind of sounds like The Soup. Except that's like reality TV and stuff. I *heart* Joel McHale :))) (Hint: He's the host, in case anybody didn't know)

Haha shut up Loren! And no it was terrible. You'd never be able to pull off being me. You have to have lots of sarcasm, be over dramatic (*sob*), and add lots of cute smileys with multiple chins :)))) And in reference to your comment- Speak for yourself, I have a life! :)

Aiight since Lorens ignoring me, I'm out too. Goodnight fellow FMLers, goodnight Rape, goodnight Joel McHale (I Love You!). Not goodnight Loren :P PS. I'm gonna pull a Loren. Nightskiis! Teehee :)))

this turned from a conversation about gay kissing to tosh.0 and the soup. well then, that was one interesting conversation!

159- I've seen and created better ones Gnite Jess, guess it's just me :|

no 61 your the one who is hella fucken cute. I'm from northern California btw. that's why I said hella. we say that up here. where are u from ?

8 out of 10 dentists agree that you should now brush your teeth for over 9000 hours.

How did you find out? If he only dose it when you sleep then how do you know? it's like he would tell you he dose that.

180 we say 'wicked' in New England. snazzy huh?

Sleep_EyEs16 0

lol I love how you actually waited 10 minutes ^-^

AquaSky 1

Don't just give it away. At least make him buy you a drink first.

op does live in Texas. he should be concerned but not suprised.



rockyraccoon28 8

91, I'm thinking if OP was gay this wouldn't be on FML. or at least it would have been worded differently.

autumn16 0

ok so if you guys are emo, that's hot! but if your not then it's a turn off. yuck but ok if I woke up to my best friend kissin me I wouldn't think of anything whether it was girl or boy I wouldn't care bc I do have 2 bestfriends 1 girl 1 boy. but really I think you should talk to him about it

jhon316 0

ok your the guy alleays laughing at the gay posts yet you ask if they had butt sex? I think somebody is coming out of the closet

what's the big deal? maybe you should try to return the favor;)

I kiss other guys nothing wrong with that

espania97 0

Too bad I dont need 5 useless friggin points, StoryOfTheYear

Haha ya, emos are hella sexy. Emo look-a-likes are still sexy. But if you guys aren't sexy.........uh that's really very unsexy. May I suggest moving to L.A. at this point.

diana2960 0

pictures or it didn't happen.

xtfauthorx 0

No u can't, u ignorent ****... Dallas and Austin are full of gay people, Houston falls close behind them... Texas is rather gay friendly...

956TXking 0

gays are not welcome in south Texas

Giorgio272 2

damn story I lve your new pic. makes me want to stick my thick "sassage roll" in there and wiggle it around.

sweetcheeksjvl 0

let's hope that's the only thing he does....

smiley_ily 0

I guess he misunderstood " best friend" :)

surfer4ddict 0

the way I see it, there's only two things in Texas, steers and queers and I don't see no horns boy

Hamsterzilla 0

hi! welcome to fml! u must be new here!

iluvskitlez 0

#58 how would this make him emo... I hate stereotypes. this has no connection to being emotional ( which is what " emo" means)

lmao umm well that's not awkward at all? aha did you wake up in the middle of it?

xsheislegendxx 0

Emo originated from emotive hardcore music you retarded *****. Whiny ass 14 year olds decided to be depressed because their lives were falling apart, thus why they became 'emo' and twisted the whole meaning around.

ricanbiboy123 0

um no! that's for idiots that don't like gay people stupid!

specter19 0

just wondering did u enjoy it?

ChocoAmethyst 0
Foxears 2

251, lie I know sevral gays that live in south TX. I used 2 live there. TX isn't homophobic.

jandro209 0

Uhm, did you really just use emotive & hardcore music in the same sentence? At the core of that music is nothing but tears & rose petals. It's a kind of Punk Lite, like non-alcoholic beer. Tell me sir, what's hardcore about that music? What's so hardcore about what it has become? Is it because little girls like to lose their virginity to it?

sry ladies but it's a turnoff if they were both emo

Splayd 10

Consequences AND repercussions? Oh, no! Anything but that! Consequences, perhaps; maybe repercussions, but consequences in ADDITION to repercussions? Be still my frantic pulse!

brian02_fml 0

Haha it's not to bad being gay in Texas people are a little more open minded than you would think but um yeah I never tried kissing my straight friends while they slept lol that's some weird stuff

brian02_fml 0

Yeah Texas is changing a lot I live in north Texas and people here are pretty chill as long as they came from an actual town and not the country like I did lol my parents hate me for it

pantherpride98 10

Wtf is that suppose to mean? Something wrong with my state?

amberbby69 6

oh so thats who bought my cherry lipstick yesterday. hey your bestfriend payed 15$ to kiss you with good lips so dont be mad

^^^ My Come-dar just went nuts I do believe we have a comedian in the house Let's give him a round of applause

Haha I thought you meant cum-dar and I was like wow that' 

Lol Jesse and people say that I have the sick mind xD

Haha Loren I know I have a sick mind. It's from years and years of being besties with my best friend. :P

Wow... Amber you probably get this a lot but you have the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen. Very sexy

mhross 0

wow mrs jese your beautiful

Awww how sweet. Dont act like you dont like it.

raisin88_fml 3

I know right? It's so cute! :)

Speaking of cute, raisin88's picture is adorable! :3

August42 10
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Starfire99 0

A friend kisses you and I say it's not a big deal. Explain to me why I'm a 'tard.'

billyjtaylorjr 0

Because you're in an Internet fight. Tard

Starfire99 0

And you're just an ignorant wart on the anus of society judging by how dumb your posting was.

RaIeigh 0

If you posting this on Fml is your attempt at making this seem any less ****, you still fail.

blindyblonde13 0

but raleigh, you posted on this fml?

RaIeigh 0

Lol, my comment was directed at Op.. But considering most never come back and read their own Fmls I guess I'm talking to no one :(

blindyblonde13 0

ohhh haha. and awh, wanna talk then?

blindyblonde13 0
RaIeigh 0

Uhmmm, pm me :]. I'd rather not get banned again.

blindyblonde13 0

haha okay(: you sure? lol, jk.

blindyblonde13 0

i searched you and youre not there only your old account, you pm mee.

yesio12 13

uh why do you sleep w your bestfriend on the same bed??

superbadd 0

maybe his best friends a stalker O_e but good point

godofcyanide 8

Not for nothing, this was the first thing I said, too.

rockyraccoon28 8

no one said they sleep on the same bed.

sashatlhs 0

possibly roommates/best friends. either way, they're in close proximity

j2013t 0

nothing wrong withsleeping in the same bed

Who said they were in the same bed? Maybe they just live together and the friend was coming into ops room, or op fell asleep on the couch or something. There are many ways that could happen without them sleeping in the same bed.

ForeverRealTx 0

is youe friends name raleigh by any chance

Wow random internet hate! Never seen that before. /sarcasm. If you're talking about MY Raleigh (cool guy, found waaay up there ^) Then you can STFU. He's a better person than you regardless of his sexual orientation. (Which I believe is heterosexual) You know why? Because he doesn't make jackass comments like you! 

RaIeigh 0

I dunno this is dumb. Why would anyone attack you RaRa? You're nice to everyone!

RaIeigh 0

Humm, maybe I'm TOO nice.. I don't know :/

No no, you're just the right Goldilocks amount of nice. 20 is just a tool, so don't even worry about it. I would still be your friend even if you did enjoy kissing men while they slept. Lol I would discourage the sexual assault part, but still accept you :))

RaIeigh 0

The thought of kissing another dude is in my top 5 scariest thoughts :o You don't even want to know what #1 is.. But thank you Jess, I appreciate you having my back(:


Anytime :)))) ^Those are my chins. Just fyi ;)

LexaDear 0
RaIeigh 0

Oh shizz.. So many pretty girls have my back. Awesome :3 Jess, you must have a chin like Chuck Norris for it to look like that :P

What does Chuck Norris' chin look like? I was referencing my quadruple chin, which you can clearly see in my picture :)

RaIeigh 0

Oh, I was talking about the chins you typed on here :P Sorry for the confusion.

Mee too! Each additional parenthasis (sp?) is a chin. Implying that I have multiple :)))

Leave him alone. He seems really sweet. I'm backing him with you Jessie