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By  mangocherrypie  |  0

Don't worry, I've been sick for a week as well and my boyfriend started telling me "I'm faking it". Sure, when only codeine works for my bleeding sore throat, it must be that I'm faking. I took matters into my own hands and cleaned the toilet with his toothbrush. It won't make him more compassionate but I think it will keep me from slapping him.

  realsiq  |  0

alexFYL - wow, youre a bitch. why didnt you just get off your ass and go on your own? and why the hell would you punch him while he was sleeping, and THEN dump him after he takes YOU to the doctor like hes your mother..go die


realsiq and polico_wolf, are you two mentally handicapped or did your parents not teach you how to read? Her ex-boyfriend was being a prick, and he only took her to the doctor after she MADE him. He obviously didn't care enough to do it on his own, so she had to wake his sorry ass up.

Of course, she could've said something before she had to punch him, but still, if you get mad at your significant other for being sick, then you should do something to help them, not bitch them out.

  alexFYL  |  11

Then she's still an idiot, she should have said something a long time ago or made a suggestion they do things... why is it the guys job to come up with everything and bring her places? She can at least TRY to bring something to the relationship.

By  misspeg  |  0

wow. what an inconsiderate gf. hope u feel better soon OP. unless you're like me and like to sleep a lot instead of going out and doing things with my bf then YDI lol

By  kitten1323  |  19

Hope you feel better. I've been sick too. FYL. Being sick sucks. I hope she gets sick so she can see what its like. Then you can go to her house bitching and saying "You never go out with me anymore" and keep bugging her. Hope you find someone better