By aiw14 - 12/02/2016 06:41 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I got my very first tattoo. Excited, I sent a picture to my best friend. Her response? "You're joking, right?" FML
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hi guys ? OP here. I'm actually very surprised this posted, aha, but just clarification, I got this tattoo as an early birthday present, and I got it matching with my mom so no matter what it's meaningful to me. it's of a silly ghost and it's one that both me and my mom both liked, and matches the relationship we have. after I explained to my friend that indeed it was not a joke, and the reasoning behind getting it, she apologized but yeah ? i don't regret the tattoo, but it's always nice for close friends' feedback! thanks for your guys' comments ☺️

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That's the great thing about tattoos. Only you have to like it

was it a potato?


That's the great thing about tattoos. Only you have to like it

cheshireau 26

Fuck I wish I could like this more than once. The constant shit my family gives me for mine is unbelievable.

kimeatszombies 22

Love this comment.

Clearly you're happy with the result so that's what matters.

Unless there's a spelling mistake, you do you

"no ragrats"

Really? None? Not even one letter?

mariri9206 32

"no regerts"

You wanted it you have it. Don't let your friend's opinion bother you to much.

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was it a potato?


#8 So why is your username 'fuckpotato'?

Allornone 35

If you read her profile, you'll see she's a "dirty potato." If that's the case, she could conceivably call herself a fuckpotato

Your tattoo, your choice. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one... Enjoy the first experience, and then enjoy the beginning of the want for more hehe

M3DO 24

Hopefully it wasn't a tramp stamp

So what is the tattoo? Lets see it

Axel5238 29

Tattoos are a personal thing. Unless the tattoo was of a meme, fad or something that affect Op's employment as long as the OP is happy with it.