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hi guys ? OP here. I'm actually very surprised this posted, aha, but just clarification, I got this tattoo as an early birthday present, and I got it matching with my mom so no matter what it's meaningful to me. it's of a silly ghost and it's one that both me and my mom both liked, and matches the relationship we have. after I explained to my friend that indeed it was not a joke, and the reasoning behind getting it, she apologized but yeah ? i don't regret the tattoo, but it's always nice for close friends' feedback! thanks for your guys' comments ☺️
By aiw14 / Friday 12 February 2016 06:41 / Canada - Calgary
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  mariri9206  |  32

"no regerts"

By  kowsee  |  22

Your tattoo, your choice.
Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one...
Enjoy the first experience, and then enjoy the beginning of the want for more hehe

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