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Today, I found out why the rent is so cheap in my new house. Apparently the previous tenants violated their lease by keeping illegal exotic pets. They responded to fines and eviction by letting all the animals loose in the basement, like the (admittedly gorgeous) albino cobra I found curled on my laundry. FML
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AkaiKitsune tells us more.

Yeah, it's not the only little friend I've found. And considering that when I took the snake to a reptile handler who knew a vet for venomous snakes because it was pretty and I had noticed some scaring, it turned out that the snake had the venom glands removed (improperly and likely illegally) So I really don't think they gave a damn about their animals at all. Yeah, I've found a few dead scorpions, mostly those black emperor scorpions anyone can get in a pet store. A few more interesting snakes and a couple harmless but interesting colour mutations of ball pythons. A couple of them were literally tied in a bag and just left there. Presumably they survived by eating each other. Aside from a rattlesnake and some weird ass snake that seemed to make a ton of noise by rubbing it's scales together nothing really spectacular. Glad I have a friend who's snake obsessed who introduced me to a guy who handles dangerous snakes because I was more interested in the kind of snake that can kill you rather then the pet store variety. I point them out and he takes care of it.

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I'm pretty sure you can get out of that lease.. There has to be some sort of disclosure violation with that.

Yeah. I would have died.


I'm pretty sure you can get out of that lease.. There has to be some sort of disclosure violation with that.

Yeah. I would have died.

That's quite a slithery ssssssituation you've got yourself into. I love snakes, but not SURPRISE snakes.

Open a renegade zoo and you could live rent-free.

And they didn't tell you? What a bunch of snakes

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They would if they couldn't find it and had to leave in a hurry. And if they really didn't give a shit about the health and welfare of their animals (which it kinda sounds like).

they would if it escaped

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Capture them and then sell them for insane amounts of money.

selling them would probably be illegal and results in the animals going to people who treat them badly or even kill them. They need to go to specialists who can look after them properly and love them.

if i could buy one of the ball pythons i would

One: That's probably a violation of the lease on the landlord's part, so I suggest looking at it is a good idea- more specifically any sections about failure to discuss hazards. Two: See if you can get a name of the owners and if there is any chance something like animal neglect would stick. Three: See if there are any nature reserves in your area, and talk to them to see if they will send an animal control specialist that uses non-harmful methods. Four: You probably don't have a mice problem, but may develop one when the snake is gone. Also consider buying a mouse or two a week to feed the snake until the you have them safely removed.

the real question is would you dell the ball pythons

Leave the cobras in nature for gods sake! They weren't destined to be housepets.