By Nothingonyou - 08/09/2010 07:35 - France

Today, it was my birthday. But instead of a decent surprise, my friends decided to smash a cake on my face and unhook my dress, while taking a video of it. In a public shopping mall. FML
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that's messed up. you need new friends!!


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Bua-ha-ha! ...Wait, that's not funny at all. FYL

mona_is_here 10

yeah, for a six year-old probably

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Tasanasanta 0

How did you confuse 5 and 10? =S

Why does everyone reply to the first comment and say things that have nothing to do with that comment?

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Because 44-45, People wabtto be seen. Why did you reply? Exactly

this has nothing to do with number one's comment.

FFML_314 11

Why aren't you asking yourself that very question?

45, any replies to #1 more often than not have nothing to do with their comment. This just puts their comments above everyone else's!

52, because I was replying to what people wrote under number 1. you're an idiot.

FFML_314 11

I can see that's what you were doing. Why didn't you just PM them? Regardless of your reason, you were still doing the very same thing. That hardly makes me an idiot. That's like jumping in the lake fully clothed so you can ask someone why they are swimming with their clothes on. :] No need to get upset, darling.

oh, I'm not upset, precious. but I don't know how to PM them, & to do it to each of them is a waste of time. I'm sorry it bothered you SO much though, sweetheart.

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LOL, it didn't bother me. I was just pointing out the obvious. You don't have to PM all of them, just ask one of them. Although, they will most likely give you a ridiculous excuse or just say something really stupid. So, it would end up being a waste in the end, like you said. Really, it's something people have been fighting for awhile. It won't change though. As long as people CAN reply to the first comment, they will. I'm guilty of it though. Generally to point out something in someones comment. Sorry for the long response.

oh ok, I didn't realize it's a big deal to comment on the first comment. I'm new on here...

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I'm suprised no one joked about birthday suit on the bday.

someone has not said it yet wow. Show the video or it didn't happen.

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That really isnt funny. Its embarassing and mean. Cake smashing os great, but unhooking someone's dress is crossing the line.

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I would actually like that as a bday suprise...minus the dress part.... wouldn't mind if they pantsed me. That's funny as hell.

don't lie u would love for them to un-hook ur pretty white summer dress

u mean ur "friends" god there mean assholes! find some better ones.

FFML_314 11

You have a dress that hooks? Most have a zipper. Odd.

I sure she didn't get it from hot topic, like you're used to.

FFML_314 11

I don't think I've ever stepped foot in or near a Hot Topic. I dress "preppy." Are you trying to instigate something? You're going to get that upset about one comment that you're going to "attempt" to insult me?

haha. wow, calm down. I'm new here- I didn't realize people are so sensitive.

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You're new, so you won't know this, but I'm far from sensitive. I'm also the "bitch" of this site. Welcome aboard and have fun!

oh, well we will get along great then, because I am a huge bitch! :)

RedPillSucks 31

FFML_314, I believe that honor goes to Intoxicunt, so backoff, you "really nice person, who's not a bitch"

FFML_314 11

We will see. I will keep an eye out for your comments. You will learn about some of the users pretty fast. FYI, I'm a Grammar Nazi and I'm sure you will end up not liking me, within a matter of days. You're welcome to join the dark side though! LOL RPS, thank you! I try and get people to see that I'm not, but I guess it's just my reputation here.

I am probably a bigger grammar Nazi. I'm an English major btw. the only thing that might hurt me is the iPhone auto spell check, ha.

95: You don't know what you're saying. Hint: Grammar Nazis capitalize. ;) I'm just teasing. Welcome to the site!

you mean Grammar Nazi's (apostrophe) is capitalized? ;) hehe jk:)

who would've thought being the bitch of FML could be some1s goal in life

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jesus ffml_314 is such a troll @_@

FFML_314 11

You talk to Jesus? Tell me what he says back!

You sure are a grammar Nazi huh? "I sure she" Nice. Thatisall.

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FFML_314 11

Who are you talking about, 115? Thank you, 117. Always supporting the fans!

Número 67. I like to troll. It's terrible I know =x.

FFML_314 11

You're welcome FFML. I love reading the 'regulars' comments. Yours are always entertaining! Plus, we need more 'the bomb' women on here to negate some of the douche guys!! lol

Ooomg people... I guess I'm just the only person who finds it incredibly annoying that people have long, rambling private conversations that no one else cares about. USE PRIVATE MESSAGES and STICK TO THE FML, you whippersnappers

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not gonna lie, the patheticness if thats a word of this convo made me laugh

129- I'm on my iPhone. You can't send or receive PMs from iPhones on here. If it irritates you so badly, why are reading all of it AND responding?

I can't tell whether it's applicable to the FML or an interesting read until I READ it, now can I? I respond to it in hopes that people please keep it in mind and maybe stick to the FMLs more and keep private convos to a minimum. That's all.

Sorry, dude. You should change your user name to FML Nazi. lol lol JK. Can't we all just get along??

108: "Nazis" is plural, while "Nazi's" is possessive or a contraction. At least, that's how they're used where I am. Maybe it's one of those realize/realise things.

I shall extend my welcome to you as well. ...The way I worded that sounded really pretentious, didn't it?

Heh, tbh pen, I can't remember. I was still in my post-nap Benadryl haze when I posted that. >.<

132 Your not cool, I mean your picture. No one wants to unlock your boobs.

is the video on YouTube :s lol just playing, but hbd.

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that's messed up. you need new friends!!

Nuh uh! Her friends are creative! And funny!

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aand a new dress that does not unhook right?..

Wow.. if thats's true you really need to get new friends.

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I'm sure that'll get you laid... Anyway, there's a difference between you're and your. That might help increase your odds next time.

are you serious? oh that is so out of character ¦:(