By Former Drummer - 03/06/2012 21:23 - United States - Tulsa

Today, I was diagnosed with migraines. Any loud sounds or bright lights make it worse. I'm the drummer for a heavy metal band, so I now have to choose between really bad migraines or a career. FML
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You should always out your health before most things! Remember that you only have one body, while you can have multiple careers. Fyl though, and I hope the medications are effective :) I have heard that migraines are horrible to say the last, so good luck in the future, always a lot of options left.


You should always out your health before most things! Remember that you only have one body, while you can have multiple careers. Fyl though, and I hope the medications are effective :) I have heard that migraines are horrible to say the last, so good luck in the future, always a lot of options left.

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While health is important, what matters most is living out your dream life. I think the better question for OP is: are the migraines more painful than not living out your dream career? If you're healthy, but unhappy, then what's the point?

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8- Okay, so, OPs choices are(according to your comment and the FML): Be unhealthy and unhappy OR be healthy and unhappy. He's unhappy either way.

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24- not exactly where you got that from... But i said that if his pain overweighs the joy of his passion then by all means he should quit. But if he loves his prospective career choice MORE, and he can withstand the pain (which there are remedies for) then by all means he should continue on with his music. His mental happiness could very well improve the pain he puts up with. Migraines are also sensitive to light. Is he not supposed to be around light too? Like OP said, he/she has to make a choice about what will make his life fulfilling. If remedies don't work for him and the pain is too unbearable then he should quit and become a nocturnal being living in a soundproof house.

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If you get migraines are you really performing your best. Can you enjoy your career if you're not the best at it that you can be. Doesn't seem like much of an option to me unless you learn to manage it.

45, metal concerts = loud music, flashing lights, and etc. And not to forget, OP is the drummer.

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Fyl op migraines are painful as hell. there are some good suggestions posted so far. If you get a migraine, and you want to play, be careful what medicines you use. Some can knock you out for hours. You may want to invest in some serious light blocking sunglasses as well, bright light can make you vomit, thats why when I get one I stay home, in a room with curtains that block out sunlight.

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TIl, there is such a thing as a career in being a "metal band drummer". It sucks though that you have to deal with migraines, OP. I take naproxen with Ayurvedic tea to calm mines but in all seriousness, I don't think it's a wise choice to pursue being a drummer as your SOLE career choice... maybe as a hobby. I don't mean to come across as mean but just realistically speaking, it's a slim chance. Some of the best of the very best never get recognized and luck plays a big part in your discovery as well.

I use Topamax. It's used for preventing migraines.. OP should definitely consider it

No offense meant, but now you don't have to play that terrible music!

It's not Botox, it's brow lifts that help migraines.

If OP's passion is to play metal, so be it. I don't enjoy every type of music either, but I wouldn't put someone's dreams down because of it.

Screw all these guys with their long stupid comments Weed... Smoke it... Cuz you're a ******* rockstar

Well, maybe you can channel your pain and write a no. 1 hit about a man who's in pain.

just because u don't like it doesn't make it terrible dumbass it's called opinions

As a fellow drummer i wish you the best of luck. Definitely use good earplugs (some earplugs are really effective, as you probably know)... This depends on how bad it is though. Also, make sure to talk to your band so they understand and can have a backup plan just incase.

#1 - there's always sunglasses and ear plugs!!!!

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You know, Botox has been proven to cure migraines. You can look Beautiful and have a career!

But my Mommy says I'm beautiful already!

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there are a lot of people who would argue that Botox has the exact opposite effect on beauty. You can go in as a perfectly normal-looking person and coming out looking like a lion.

I had Botox treatments for migraines & they had no effect whatsoever. FYI - there is NO cure for migraines. There are preventive meds & symptom meds but there isn't a cure for migraines.

I know someone who did that and it works no need to dislike that's true for the person I know

It probably does help with migraines, that's definitely not why I thumbed it down. I thumbed it down because of the 'Botox = Beauty' part. I think it make the person look like a Barbie doll gone wrong.

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Botox doesn't work for migraines. I've also recently been diagnosed with sever migraines and I asked my neurologist if it worked and he told me its a wives tale. OP-I'm sorry you have them they suck. I was put on a low dose of anti seizure medication (which HAS been proven to work) to help lessen the severity of them and I was also prescribed a "tripton" medication as a preventive. Both work great and I haven't had a headache In the week I've been on the medication.

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Actually Botox has been proven to work in some cases. But not everyone is the same. For example, I get my migraines due to my sinus cavities being extremely irregular whole some people can get it from tumors even. I have had them since I was 4 and I have tried SO many things to help them. Preventatives never work for me and they never settle well with my stomach so I have to take Stadol which is a nasal spray that in five minutes will knock you out flat because nothing else works. People are different and her aunt could have been helped by using Botox, but there is no cure for migraines and of yet and Botox does not equal beauty.

Imitrex ended up working for me, but you have to take it before the migraine progresses. It doesn't help if you already have one, you have to take it right when you feel one coming on. Sometimes it doesn't always work though. Just like marijuana helps on occasion. It all depends. Sleep is usually the most productive. Ive had migraines since I was 4 due to a brain tumor. Shitty situation for sure.

Yea I would quit on the band :/ put your health before a band

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I think he did. Notice Op's name? Former Drummer

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Time to go back to high school

Really? Is that even a question? A career as a drummer (I'm pissing myself laughing) or your health. I agree, get a real job and stay healthy.

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lucky its not a real career or anything..

Dude just keep drumming Y.O.L.O

Man I'll be the first of a shit load of thumbs down for saying something as stupid as YOLO

You only die once as well... I hate when people use "YOLO" as an excuse for everything. It's overused and stupid.

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Hah! Foolish humans. Have you not realized yet? You don't only live on— Forget what I said. Carry on with life as usual.

TheArcAngel are you high? Because you need to share

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Y.ou O.obviously L.ove O.reos has nothing to do with this dude

5- How do you spot a tard on the Internet?

Of you've ever had a migraine, you wouldn't be saying "YOLO". Migraines are extremely painful. Any light seems infinitely brighter than usual and every sound is like thunder. They are horrific

Y(ou) O(bviously) L(ack) O(riginality)

YOLO you say? I say you put that theory to the test for us. Go ahead, jump off that bridge and see if that's true.

The concept of YOLO is to go out and do something meaningful with your life, not to be a dumbass.

This whole concept of YOLO fails to meet the beliefs of the Hindu religion and some others...I rest my case.


Drake stole my word. I have been saying YOLO since the Stone Age

You can have a career that's not drumming???

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yeah but then you'd be stuck in a miserable job if you leave what you like doing.

I'm sure OP likes doing more than one thing. He can just find something new to be passionate about that doesn't affect his health.

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When it comes to music there are many people out there with great talent so I'd say don't risk your health for a career you are not guaranteed to succeed in.

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What of jesus would've quit?

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They make medicine for migraines. Your dr should have told you that. You don't have to choose.

There are medications for migraines but they don't work for everyone. Some people have to find alternatives to drugs to cure chronic migraines.

There are hundreds of different meds out there for migraines, it can take years to find one that works for you

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Not counting the cost of them either....neurologist visits are expensive plus the tests they do on you and the cost of pills can break the bank big time

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My mom got me some once and for like 20 pills it was like $300. That's why I use an over the counter kind now with the same main ingredient. It's like the same amount of medicine for like $5 (I don't know the actual price, because I don't buy them). But they don't always work. :(

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I get migraines every few weeks. I have spent thousands of dollars on meds and specialist visits over 4-5 years. The only thing that has worked so far for me, is a dark room with zero noise. I've spent days in bed because of a magraine.

Well sir Op can't you use ear plugs or something of that sort to help?

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That would be like telling a surgeon with migraines who's sensitive to light that they should just wear a blindfold.

Well, Beethoven was one of the most famous musicians and composers in history, and he was deaf...

there have been thousands of princes, but there is only one Beethoven!

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Good point number 62, but being deaf isn't physically painful; emotionally yes, physically no

Yeah i have migraines too, for probably 10 years now, the things is bright lights and loud noises only matter when you have a migraine, they don't cause them. So yeah fly for having them, but no choosing required