By Crash - 10/09/2014 20:15 - United States - Hicksville

Today, I took my daughter out driving to practice for her road test. I told her to make a left into a parking lot. She missed the 30-foot wide entrance, but not the two-foot wide tree. FML
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Congratualtions on wasting the first comment...

16, even with the edit it's a pretty awful first comment


Driving was a fear of mine. one that I definitely conquered. but my parents had two cars, I didnt really want to smash one of them....

Congratualtions on wasting the first comment...

Her comment is edited. My comment above makes no sense now because of it.

I can vouch for ya...all it said was "driving" originally.

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16, even with the edit it's a pretty awful first comment

#29. I cannot be the one to judge the edit. I only posted my second comment because my original one wasn't far off being buried. People deserve to know the truth.

I'd like to apologize.... saw that I'd be first, so I took the opportunity.... please forgive me

Sorry about your car OP. Practice makes perfect. Can't blame her for being a beginner. Good luck next time!^^ Start with the smaller things first.

#94 Uhh.. yeah you can... she could at least read some other comments first and get an idea about what is actually relevant...

Maybe next time dad should take her out...

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There is no indication stating that....

it is pretty clear that she drives like her mother.

there's a male symbol in the corner, I don't think it appears on all versions of the app, though

Why should it matter if mum or dad takes them out? I preferred when my brother took me out, my sister was rude and would distract me, my mum would scream at everything (she drives into everything on her own) especially junctions, and my dad would complain and put his leg and jacket over the gearstick. So glad I passed and no longer have to listen to them when driving.

The dad sure as hell got c-oaksed into that one.

Not going to lie. It hurt a lot when she hit me.

im going out on a limb here, but i hope it didnt leaf you in too much agony

Why don't we just branch out and look at how the tree felt and thought?

My thoughts before the accident were: "Damn... I really hope I'm not turned into a Justin Bieber notebook after I'm cut down..." And afterwards, my thoughts were: "I hope your punishment is that you have to drive a moped, while wearing a 'My Little Pony' helmet for the rest of High School..."

Oh, and my feelings were a bit twigged and even a little sympathetic for the young driver. I think the root of her problem is nervousness. And I think she wood need some more practice before planting herself in a car for a test.

#42 I bet you've been waiting all this time just for an FML involving a tree just so you can make these posts :)

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hopefully insurance will cover that

Unfortunately insurance doesn't cover stupidity

Um, yes it does. It's called "collision and comprehensive". If insurance only covered OTHER drivers' mistakes, how would you ever get your own accidents taken care of?

Practice makes perfect. Just more practice is needed, much more. Good luck to you

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Does your daughter happen to be Tina Belcher?

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Best comment ever haha. I love Bob's Burgers.

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Good one #11, but by OP's description I'm pretty sure that his daughter damaged "the trunk" AND the "hood".... Get it?

Practice is indeed needed, give it some time and she will surprise you, too bad for the car but shit happens :)

I would banish her from driving until she got her own car personally. 2 cars colliding is one thing; hitting a stationary object? Seriously??? I drove at 11 and didn't hit anything.

Not everybody is the same, I believe that OP should give her some time to practise, and by not lending your car out to your children you don't show any trust in their capabilities which will ruin their confidence and they will become worse drivers

That really sucks OP, but as a young driver also learning, it can sometimes be stressfull when you've never had much experience. She will get better, goodluck!