By ThanatosSG9 - 25/12/2016 02:57

Today, I took my car into the mechanic to have two tires and battery put in, all new. I later got a call saying they tried to start my car on the dead battery, which sparked and started a fire. It's gonna take two weeks to get the parts and it's minus 30 outside. FML
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$10 says that they put a jump box on your frozen and dead battery to start your car and move it in from the lot to the work bay inside. Usually the car won't start but I have seen sparks fly if the clamps either touch each other or, in this case, the electricity from the jump box finds an easier path to ground than through your wasted battery.


Now, I don't know much about cars but why would they try to start it with a dead battery?? That's their fault.

They probably charged it and then tried to see if it would start

Well if the car was parked outside when it was brought it in for the appointment, then the tech would probably start by trying to start it in order to bring it inside for repair. Nevertheless, sorry about the car, unexpected car troubles really suck, hope the repair is prompt and without any further issues.

Hopefully, you don't have to pay for those parts since it was their fault.

As a mechanic, I can say I've seen weird shit like that happen. I mean dead battery has to be jumped to get it started to move cars. Faulty wires can short and cause issues. It's not anyones fault, just unlucky. If it happened at a shop I'd be grateful. Just imagine that happening in the middle of no where. That is unless they did something idiotic to cause it.

On the bright side, OP, you can press charges and keep warm with their money.

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Or they could try and work it out with the auto shop directly before jumping the gun and involving the law. For instance, getting OP a temporary car to use to get around until their's is fixed, which they should def do/OP should def ask for, if they haven't already offered.

Dammit, I meant to select "Don't like".

Your car seems.... pretty lit But seriously OP, don't they know it's mechanic policy when starting a car fire to stay warm to only set ablaze their own vehicles?

Uhhhh, that's not how it works usually. I'd call that shop out and see what really happened.

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I'm going to ignore the unlikeliness of the explanation and point out that since the mechanic screwed up and caused the problem, they are responsible for not only the cost of fixing the car, but also paying for a rental car for you until it is fixed.

The shop should have a baileys policy (insures your car for example that gets damaged on their property). at the least they need yo cover the parts and labor along with a rental car for you to get around.

Yep, if its an actual shop and not a backyard mechanic, they'll have insurance. We had a local shop go up in flames and their insurance paid for the damages to all the cars inside (5) and the ones damaged by the heat outside (basically, they replaced like 20 cars and the rentals needed). It was no-fault, just old wiring and the guy got a new building out of it. I was impressed they covered as much as they did.

You could always warm up in that weather by standing near the fiery heat of your car battery... Silver linings, OP. On a serious note, see if they won't issue you a free rental until they can get it fixed. After all, it is their fault.

Better yet, a reasonable conversation first. They may be willing to take care of things without a lawyer. Spare yourself the cost of lawyers and court, and try being a mature adult first. I'll tell you as I tell my kids... Use your words.

They better cover the cost of a rental car if they don't want you to get the BBB involved. Also, someone explain to me how a dead battery could start a fire. Pretty sure that's an insane excuse to cover up something extremely stupid they did to your car.