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By Anonymous - 07/12/2013 20:49 - United States

Today, my car wouldn't start because of the cold weather. Since I was at a friend's house, I asked him to jump-start it. After taking about ten minutes to start his vehicle and park it by mine, we found that both of our car hoods were frozen shut. FML
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Just go on Facebook and make a picture that says. 100 likes and my car will turn on. That should work.

Do you have some deicer? That could work.


That's an icy situation

That's a cold pun

Both of you...out

#1: You made two of the "That's a ____ situation" comments here. I know you can do better than that.

\ 28

That was your first comment? That's cold, #1.

although i approve of you username, i cannot say the same for your pun.

Everyone here just needs to chill, now.

You people try way too damn hard, just shut up.

Hi guys! I'd put a cold pun here. The problem is I'm not creative. Wek'll, just go look outside, chill with friends and have iced tea. Cool down the pool and you're set.

*gives #1 and #15 a frosty stare and points at the door.

Icy what you did there?-NOT.

Haven't we just gone over this 81? Lord.

81, you try wayyyy to hard. And it isn't working for you.

Do you have some deicer? That could work.

Seeing as how its on FML, OP probably doesn't.

Step 1. Go inside and get hot water Step 2. Bring outside and pour onto edges of hood

46, what if their pipes are frozen?

Step 1: Pull down pants Step 2: Piss on hood

#46 Yeah and warp the metal while you're at it. use lukewarm water not hot.

Vinegar also helps.

psssh water.... psssh deicer... get a freaking flamethrower! duh everyone has one and its not like ull damage ur car or anything....

step 1: get flamethrower step 2: melt the crap out of the ice...and probably half of the car too.

use some kitty litter.

That's the shittiest advice ever

Kitty litter is for when your tire gets stuck not your hood....

i apologize. i meant to say: use garlic powder.

Garlic powder?! OP isn't making chicken kievs!

#27, strike two, for a frozen car hood, use chili powder (or cayenne, in a pinch.) Like your Anthony Weiner reference;)

cayenne.... no wonder it wasnt working D:< dammit

How has nobody recommended warm water yet? On this particular thread anyway.

Warm water freezes and causes more ice in colder regions

Number 46 already did "Bigtaytay". :>)

Hot water will melt the ice. They'll be able to open the hood before it freezes

Vinegar and lukewarm water usually works pretty well in these situations.

That's the point I was going on 56. Yes I understand in colder regions that hot water will freeze, but it will temporarily melt the ice long enough to get the hood open.

Sounds like ohio weather.

You're screwed.

That's a bad day... I guess the only thing to do is wait it out.

Did you try setting it in wumbo

Things like this make me happy that I live in South Florida.

I'd love this kind of weather it never snows in Aus and we're in summer now .. my least favourite season.

Just waiting for those 42c days.

That's a load of crap #32 we get plenty of snow in Australia just ask any one who lives near Mt Buller for one. You might not get weather like that where YOU live but you can't speak for the whole country.

#7 Same here. Except I live in San Francisco, California. Perfect weather all year round!

Try throwing a cup of hot water on it. Worked for me when I couldn't even get my car door open for work.

Depending on how cold it is, that wouldn't work. It's been -30 (Celcius) around here lately, and a cup of water would thaw the hood slightly then freeze it even more. Not much you can do other than wait for the sun to come out, or for it to warm up.

That's a sticky situation

Sticky Situation ? You definitely used the wrong pun at the wrong time.

I think your solution is setting the cars on fire. That will solve your problem.