By Broon - 25/05/2012 19:55 - United Kingdom - Leeds

Today, on the brink of a stiflingly hot summer, I've come to a terrible realisation. It seems the apartment I've just moved into has been specially insulated to trap enough heat inside for the occupants to survive the planet's next Ice Age. FML
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Well at least your winter heating bill will be very low.


Briiyahh 7

I feel bad for you check out apartments before you buy them FYL

If your having weather problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but air conditioning ain't 1

Not at all bad it's basically like a 24/7 steam room, well more like steam apartment.

If it was insulated really well wouldn't that also mean that it would trap the A/C inside more when they ran it as well?

Us brits moan when it cold and moan when it's hot. Take no notice, we are all boiling in our homes. But its the best weather we have had for ages! Get outside and enjoy, it will be raining by Tuesday!

Like next time don't buy a greenhouse :)


I feel like we're never gonna have another ice age at all..

It'll be over before you can say summe... wait... it's started raining again?

1- I'm sure op did check out the apartment before signing his lease. Problem is when viewing it you don't get to sit around inside it all day to find out whether or not if the place is a sauna.

Briiyahh 7

True true your right.....

hawkey126 0

That's gonna stink. Ba dum chi.

LO388 7

"That stinks" puns and other variations of it never fare well on FML.

33- I disagree with you..."that stinks" is funny when it is properly used.

TarieBoo 2

you know your joke isnt funny when you have to add your own ba dum tss to it >.

maytheforce_ 0

I'm sorry but "that stinks" jokes only work for toilet jokes or smelly jokes. :$ Just saying!

74-They never work. Ever. Please don't encourage them. There are already too many horrid puns on this site as it is.

2 - I think you cymbal is broken.

Just look at the bio. It all makes sense now.

Sorry about that :/ maybe if there's a lot of windows you can open them and it'll help with the airflow?

SuperDerp 8

Or he can save money by not needing to buy a microwave

Good insulation + good AC = cheap, cool air during the summer, am I wrong?

Sounds like a hot buy .

kandi_kid69 15

Your picture.. Why?

And why sideways...?

Cheesy joke.....

Well at least your winter heating bill will be very low.

At least OP will be able to survive the next Ice Age.

If it's super hot in the summer it'll probably be like a freezer in the winter.

I pressed both buttons. YDI for not looking into it enough before buying it, but, I agree, your life sucks.

Was the OP supposed to know? Maybe he DID check it but it was cool on the day(s) he went so the apartment wasn't hot. That's how it was with my dads last apartment but in reverse. We went multiple times over the summer and it was always a good temperature, but once winter hit it was constantly cold because of crappy insulation.

This. ^ Believe it or not people, temperatures fluctuate and when OP checked out the place it could have been a lot cooler.

I understand that, I was trying to say that if he looked into it when he was buying it, he would have found out that it was "specially insulated to trap enough heat inside for the occupants to survive the planet's next Ice Age."

Who's really going to go to those lengths? The most MOST people would do was check to make sure it's insulated. They wouldn't be like "so uh yea is this apartment insulated in such a way that would make it unbearably hot?"

83 - Did you want him to cut open the wall to see the insulation? Yes, it's easy to see if the windows are well insulated, but the insulation in the walls can make all the difference in the world.

How did he find out afterwards then? He must of done some research.

Time to buy a fan.

_ebbonyy 11

.. Or 5. Sounds pretty bad in there for OP :-(

kandi_kid69 15

Buy ALL the fans! :D

See times comments were posted. Almost the exact same time.

Get a fan or two and you'll be fine :)

if that's the worst thing you have to worry about, youre lucky