By dave - 27/10/2009 15:36 - United States

Today, I took a trip to Wal-Mart. There's a car wash that they conveniently built right outside of this Wal-Mart. So as I was leaving, I decided to make use of this car wash, not even thinking about the $200 worth of groceries I had just purchased. I drive a pick-up truck. FML
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unless u really didn't have room in the cab of the truck, y would u ever put ******* groceries in the bed of the truck? or atleast have the tynol cover on it? that would have helped....shoulda thought first dumbass


....this would be worse if most stuff wasn't sealed in plastic and shit, even if it's in cardboard. So really, unless you were buying a lot of unpackaged stuff or something, I don't see a huge issue.

At least you didn't buy a tv or something. Or even any electronics. Then the # would have been higher. Next time think....

This is one of the few FMLs recently published that made me laugh

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I'm very relieved you didn't tell us what state you are in. Texas has been taking a beating today and pick-up trucks and Wal-mart are very popular here.

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Hey just cause someone drives in a pick up does not mean they are a redneck

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Exactly.. u may want to watch Wut u say especially wen u have no idea Wut u r talkin about.. There is a major difference between trashy rednecks and people who own pickups because they use em for work.. So ya

My dad uses a pick up truck because he works in construction, not because he is a redneck, next time you want to post an ignorant comment why don't you think about it before you press send