By lissabobissa - 20/07/2015 07:32 - United States - San Francisco

Today, the AC broke at work. I work in a hotel and every single guest asked me if I knew how hot it was in the lobby. It was 96 degrees for 7 hours. I definitely knew. FML
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lissabobissa tells us more.

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Hello everyone! OP here. Anyways, it was pretty funny after a while how all the guests kept trying to make small talk about the heat while I was visibly sweaty and annoyed (attractive, I know.) Luckily we have a shuttle and I periodically just went out and sat in it for a few minutes with the AC blasting in my face so it helped a little. Also, my boss called in a technician the next day who fixed it. Hopefully it doesn't happen again because it was horrible and having to wear long sleeves, a vest, and a tie as the uniform didn't help! :(

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Attacksloth 33

I work customer service as well, and by far the most common question I get is "why are you working on the weekend? It's such nice weather out there!" ... each time, tempted to say "I'm here, because your presence necessitates my presence."


Customers are always asking the important questions :p

I have an important question too, can anyone convert this to Celsius for those not in the US? :)

36C @ #20. Nice lake weather, and nice bra size.

There's nothing nice about 96 degrees if there is also 96% humidity.

DeltaDragonxx 20

I think its number times 2.8 then add 32

christge1beast 17

For a quick conversion, If you take the F temp and subtract 30, then divide by 2 you get your C temp. So 96-30=66 66/2=33. My husband has a U.S. Dash in his car so it tells us the temp in F.

Actually #46 you subtract 32 and then divide by 1.8, so 96 ºF = 35.56 ºC Look it up if you don't believe me.

"For a quick conversion" I have looked it up, as we needed a quick way to convert because of the U.S. Dash in our car.

I always found it annoying when people ask those obvious questions . It reminds me of whe in lobster red or look like the koolaide man and everyone ask omg what happen? .... Dumb remarks demand even summer responses .

MrBoredomioo 18

Gret engish skillz m8 maybe you need a dictionary and a grammar book. (the bad English was intentional at the beginning)

Too bad it was 98 degrees in your lobby we could have had a 90's party.

Aww come on 98 degrees was an awesome bad boy band in the 90's.

I didn't notice you were referencing a band. I was like "96 degrees would have worked for the same joke. Why 98?" Sorry for the thumbs down. Pretty nice reference.

Oh, wow. I hope you drank fluids so you weren't dehydrated!

I'm sorry you got all hot and bothered, OP. Some people just need to cool down.

well hopefully they dont make your job too hard!

Ouch. Still, it could be worse, it averages 50 degrees centigrade where I work (around 122 degrees Fahrenheit)

Would you happen to also live in Australia by any chance?

tantanpanda 26

still, depending on where OP is in the U.S., the humidity levels can get really high, making it feel 20-30 degrees F hotter. It's harder to breathe too.

And #16, nope, in Kuwait, which is just as bad. And there's no interesting wildlife to distract me either :(