By .__. - / Tuesday 16 July 2013 20:00 / United States - Saint Paul
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  SokDek  |  14

Why are you thumbing down 13?!! The quote number 1 butchered is from Anchor Man. Ron Burgundy says, "Boy, that escalated quickly." While discussing a previous encounter of a violent midday brawl with the rival KQHS Channel 9 Evening News team.

  Phustercluck  |  11

Insulting someone personally for correcting your mistake...cool!

I'm just wondering, but are you implying that anyone that knows a similar amount of detail about any movie, or other media for that matter, also has no life? Quite bold.

By  Hypertudism  |  15

It was not your fault, if they decided on divorce this easily then it was bound to happen sooner or later. It sounds like they've had some bad relationship problems for a while now.

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