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  yeongji  |  31

Not to mention how OP (or anyone for that matter) should never be with someone who doesn't even know their own feelings. There is also the chance that the crush (also) has someone else in mind, hence taking the time to get back to her.

  CrusnikRoxas  |  20

Personally I think it's better to be up front - to have the courage to tell a person you like them takes a lot, you know? And to make them wait for that long, when from the sounds of it, he already knew his's just cruel. :/

By  Kurliez408  |  32

don't rush to blame the crush! maybe he was genuinely thinking of the least hurtful way to reject op. if not, he's a jerk.
either way fyl op, unrequited love sucks. but best you know before than during a relationship right?

By  CBL88  |  25

If he needs to take that much time to come op with an answer, he's obviously not into you.

I'm sorry if his reply wasn't what you expected, but feelings aren't always mutual, and you being needy and pushing him for an answer dosn't change that. If you didn't want to know the truth, or if you wanted a more polite answer, you could have just let him be instead of being so pushy?