By Anonymous - 17/09/2018 17:30

Today, while trying to hold the door open on an elevator, I managed to drop something down the elevator shaft. I'm blind, and the something was my white cane. FML
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Surely it would be dangerous if there's a big enough gap between the elevator and the floor of the hallway for a cane to fit through it?


Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

If they’re using an iPhone they can use dictation to speak into the microphone and it types out everything for you.

He probably has assistive settings so that he can verbally open apps, speak to text and hear text. Most smart phones have those options now.

ARE YOU ******* SERIOUS, YOU RETARD?!?! JUST BC OP IS BLIND, DOESN’T MEAN S/HE CAN’T TYPE AT A KEYBOARD OR ON AN IPHONE! I suppose you think that highly functioning autistics can’t do those things, either! IDIOT!

You shouldn’t have to explain to ignorant people.

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

On second thought, just saying "First" would have been the better option...

No need to panic or to flip out. There are a lot of people in the world who haven’t met a blunt person and don’t know how they do anything. It’s ignorance but thankfully that can be educated. The question is valid and deserves a decent response. The other commenter asking the question…

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Through someone else typing it for him/her or maybe (s)hes not totally bind

Surely it would be dangerous if there's a big enough gap between the elevator and the floor of the hallway for a cane to fit through it?

Canes for blind people are long and thin, not like a regular walking cane- they are not weight baring.

Blind assist canes are thinner than a cell phone, and the gap is definitely big enough for one of those to fall through.

Probably has an IPhone, with a functioning microphone, and assistance apps on.

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Those asking "How did you type this?" There's something called friends and family (also voice dictation).

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

Sorry mainly wanted to be the first to commemt once. But I didn't know what to comment and commenting 1st is defonitely below me...

Aside from voice dictation, and more important, there is voiceover. It’s a text to speech software that reads the screen. You have to know what’s on the screen in order to find the dictation button in order to use the speech to text feature. There is Siri, but I doubt Siri will post an FML for you.

Wow that sucks OP,and I've tripped on the elevator gap before to I've seen one's wide enough to put your foot into

Dang it! Watch what you’re doing.

How can people say YDI, being blind would be incredibly difficult and dropping what you’d consider your life line would be really stressful.., some people are just assholes

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If you are blind how do you know the cane was white? Do you try to decorate it to look like a candy cane for Christmas? If you do, how do you know you really bought red????

You should see things are not looking good for you. Eye observe this is not a good sight for getting sympathy or helpful tips — just high brow comments we should just keep a lid on.