Never disrespect the cat

By Rafiki - 22/02/2010 03:14 - United States

Today, while I was at my girlfriend's house, I picked up her cat and held him like he was baby Simba. Apparently he didn't enjoy that, because he managed to somehow leap out of my hands and attach himself to my chest, claws extended. I now have four one-inch-long gashes on my chest. FML
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coolster56 0

that's sorta cute next time don't lift cats

Simba wasn't very happy


coolster56 0

that's sorta cute next time don't lift cats

Don't mess with the Lion King.

im2good25 0

cat > you

Vayant 0

That's why you buy a dog.


YDI. Stop trying everything you see on MLIA and have some originality.

pongmaster 0

kick that cat a new face

iSwag 0

ouch...he obviously didn't feel worthy enough to be the king

well said! RI

that sucks..ouchh..

DllnBro 0

i call bs. cats have more than one claw on each paw u douche. it would be like 20 scratches. anyone thats ever owned a cat knows this

ipwnallmen 10

agrees with 4. at least this didnt end with a ceiling fan......

Estoy de acuerdo con la respuesta de #80. I believe I read a paraphrased version of this FML before on both MLIA and FML.

supastarr 0

(Cat: 1) (You: 0)

valdezadair 0

I can hear the circle of life in the background

me > cat > you

ILikePopCorn 0

#35. WIN! nothin more to say.

M4V3R1CKR13 0

In Soviet Russia You dont hold cat, cat hold you

That's what you get for trying to re-enact those dumb MLIA posts.

iSwag 0

lmao 136 FTW

simba was pissed

dude, your awesome! baby Simba. haha :D

awww! it's okay though!!! u'll b okay!

Simba wasn't very happy

YDI for holding the cat wrong!

inconvienentgurl 0

Think on the bright won't do something that stupid ever again if you don't want to get scratched!!

sakinxdevil 0

hahaha... watch this... SIMB what the f OOOOWW

cats r evil. I hate them.

BigSmiles7 0

noo they're adorable :) sucks for op though

Better than dogs <.< Well, they're smarter, anyway, and considering their brains are smaller, Dogs must be pretty stupid...

EllyH 0

cats are wonderful, and cats (generally) only treat people badly if they deserves it! I'm sure the cat gived the OP all kind of body signals that he/she didn't want to be held like Simba.. so, YDI.

Vayant 0

#13 Then why are dogs more loyal and nicknamed "Man's Best Friend"? Cats just think they own the house, and require more shit like scratching posts and litter boxes, or else they rip up your couch or piss all over your room.

Pshh, like dogs don't think they own the house, barking all the time when they hear someone coming in. Personally, I'd rather give a cat a litterbox and clean it up later, than having to take the dog out for walks everyday. Cats are so easy. And, you can train them to not mess up the furniture. I have four cats, and as kittens they would climb on and scratch everything, but they know better now.

Osakhomen 0

Yeah, with litter boxes, your house ends up smelling like one. And what wrong with a little fresh air with walking the dog? A lot of animals are 'easier' to take care of... doesn't make them better pets.

id say dogs are more work at the worst of times but more fun at the best of times cats are like a bit less work but a bit less fun

Free_Hugs10 0

Cats are pretty dumb animals. They're no fun. They never play with you and aren't very good at showing affection. Dogs are much more affectionate and always make you feel like you've got a friend around. And plus, they help you exercise by taking them out for walks.

Dogs are the best! they are superaffectionate, super loyal and always make you feel loved! Now cats are ok, and they are good if you don't have a lot of time and need an independent animal... but IMO dogs rock!

Ahh, the great battle of cats vs dogs...

I'm going to ask why it even matters. Cats are useful for people who don't have a lot of time. I have owned cats and they have been just as cuddly and affectionate as dogs. You just have to give it a lot of affection as a kitten or pick one with a good temperament. But that said, if your house smells like kitty litter then you aren't cleaning it out enough, also using baking soda gets rid of the smell. I also own dogs and love to take them for walks. Dogs and cats are not comparable, due to the fact they offer two different relationships, the independent, affectionate cat and the needy dog.

itsfaithbabyy 0

hahhaha owchhhh ;( that's happened to me before

it sexy it's a war mark ^_^

i say its about time to buy a dog, a dog that loves the taste of cat

that sucksss. ydi because cats suck nd you shouldn't be anywhere near them

*stabby stabby stab stab* ...I'm going to prison for a long time, aren't I? Curse you fluffles!

Just_Me_143 0

I guess he showed you who was king.

Today, Kaylee's stupid ass boy-toy picked me up and acted like I was Simba.... Good thing is: I jumped out of that mother-F***ers hands and onto his chest. Bad thing? It wasn't on his face. FML

It's alright, you'll gedd'im next time :D

Crush89 0

19 is the winner.