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Oh boy, another George Lopez moment.

Don't tell me your dad had one of those voicemail automated responses that make it seem like you are actually talking to him when you are not. Those things piss me off.


Oh boy, another George Lopez moment.

op then later found out that he has a half brother with the exact same name.

today is a day we will not forget, brett favor has been murdered by the local gang... let's have a moment of silence please.

maybe its a good thing? if i had a parent like that i wouldnt want to talk to him

By a George Lopez moment you mean a moment filled with Mexicans failing at comedy, right?

81- I bet your idea of comedy is dick jokes and masturbation.

82- No, not really. I'm sensing a Lopez fan.

83- I'm a fan of legit comedy that doesn't revolve around sex. that's true talent

GO EGGERS!!!!!!!

84- I never said I was into that kind of humor. It appears to me that we have a very different definition of "talent", however. It just doesn't entertain me.

87- well, I'm a stand-up comedian. When people stop thinking I'm funny, I'll reconsider my definition of "good comedy"

89- Comedy is subjective. I don't "Teehee" at penis jokes, and George Lopez is about as hilarious as my shit, but that's just me and my opinion. I've never heard your stand-up, so I can't judge.

92 I'm with you. Lopez is a hack

Mel Brooks, 'nuff said

*sniff sniff* thats sooo deep.

that's what she said.

lmao I laughed when I read that, "so deep" lmao!!! and aw im srry bout ur father probs....

don't worry OP your dad sounds like a bitch.

don't worry OP your dad sounds like a bitch.

lol thats a perfict twss moment

buy him an xbox, he might like you more.

That's nice, 3. Because being possibly unloved by your father is fix-able by buying him an X-Box. Keep it classy Fanceh.

Coconut Muffin over here is the epitome of class, I would listen to her.. I mean, what are you thinking?? FML Is a classy site and should be treated as such.

buy him a PS3 it's better

51- thts y ur server got hacked by over 1000 ppl hahahahahaha

Ramurrump, I don't know if that is an insult or a complement. So I'll take it as a complement. Thank you! :)

It didn't get hacked by over 1000 people. Sony is giving us two major title PS3 games and two PSP games as an apology for the outage. So enjoy that monthly subscription.

family guy did somthing likw that

Woah it got hacked by 1000 people?! What n00bs! It took a whopping one guy to hack into Microsoft, Department of Defense, et cetera.

Hahaha, personally I like Xbox better, but who gives a shit? they both do their jobs perfectly which is to entertain you. Quit arguing over which is better like little elementary boys arguing over who's dad can beat up the other kid's dad, and get a real hobby.

Live gets hacked too, but they don't shut down the servers, allowing for more information to be leaked.

70- yea that's why none of the 4 FMLs you posted did not get confirmed. hahaha who's laughing now huh BIATCH.. F*ucking Faggot

wow hold up. what, they are?! I didn't receive an email telling me that. thanks for the info.

Go to a pay phone and press 0 you can have an amazing conversation with a hot Asian for free... they usually don't call the cops it you hit on them...

Or you can call me, I'm hotter than Lucy Liu and gayer than Hard Gay. But don't hit me or I'll go Bruce Lee on your ass.

you know what, just live with him respect him but know the fact that there are others that love you alot.

I hate when people don't treat their kids well.

Then again, OP could have contributed to the problem as well. It's not always the parents' fault.

I love how accommodating and sweet black women are

I wish my dad was a black woman.. :O

101- see how you're being a cynical a-hole? notice that you're not black? 'nough said

You should try and fix whatever issue has risen between you two. At least before it's too late and you regret not doing something to make things better.

totally! fix whatever problem before u cant fix it anymore! and if u dont fix it u are going to regret it big time. he is ur father no matter what!!!! so forgive and forget. fix it before u cant even contact him anymore!

There are some things you just don't forgive your fathers for. I've accepted that my dad is a selfish dick who only believes what he wants no matter what so I just ignore most of what he says. There's no use doing anything else. Some parents just suck.

True, forgiveness goes a long way. but to be a parent it takes more than poplin out a kid; you must be responsible and acknowledge the fact that all actions hereafter are for more than yourself. To be a parent is he/she whom takes care of, raises and shows the kid that which we acquire to be fit in our adult lives.

find his address and glass him?

that's depressing. but at least you got to talk to him?

Ish. op got to talk to him-ish.

hey, better than I got.. I never met my biological father, I call him, and tell him I'm his daughter...and you know what I get.. "I don't wanna talk to you" the silver-lining?...I'm still gettin' his monaaaayyyy...;p

Don't tell me your dad had one of those voicemail automated responses that make it seem like you are actually talking to him when you are not. Those things piss me off.

Hello.......... Whats up.............. Ahh nothin much just listening to you make a fool outta yourself lmao epic comment #11