By Jex - United Kingdom - London
Today, I wanted to surprise my long distance girlfriend by flying to her unannounced. When I arrived at her house, her family tells me that she herself boarded an unannounced flight to where I lived hours ago. Surprise. FML
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  fromthesuck  |  8

Wouldn't have been terrible luck had he gave someone on the other end a heads up. You always have to make sure to have a partner in crime when making those kind of plans

  Zedd_fml  |  8

After finished reading the first sentence I thought this is going to end as a "cheating" FML.
OP, atleast you didn't had to go through what I was think.

  UberNova  |  18

I can't tell if the FML is about them both having flights to each other and missing each other, or that the girlfriend is cheating on him as she went "ages" ago.

  lelo007  |  11

96- I hate to be rude, but the FML clearly states they both caught a flight to where the other person is living, thus missing each other when they arrived to their destination. It really isn't that hard to understand.

By  ladylilly25  |  20

This is why you shouldn't go through with such expensive surprises... At least tell someone around them who can make sure they don't leave or screw it up somehow. That does suck, though. But it's kind of cute!