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Atleast you both get to meet the family if you hadn't before.


Romance is important even if it missed your girlfriend OP.

See Communication isn't important in relationships... Or wait something's wrong here.

Gift of the Magi much?

That is the best story ever kitty. This isn't quite as good.

Wasn't there a similar FML to this one, except they drove to each other's houses?

Romantic, yes. Convenient, no. OP, at least you didn't get to her house and find her in bed with another man. That's what I was expecting while reading this.

Communication with her family is vital to pull this off, we'll there is always next time.

Lool great story to tell, just a heads up for next time, maybe tell the parents you're coming over so they could make sure she doesn't do something like that :P

Wow.... That's just terrible luck :( sorry OP hope you get to see each other soon

Wouldn't have been terrible luck had he gave someone on the other end a heads up. You always have to make sure to have a partner in crime when making those kind of plans

I thought you were gonna find her cheating. At least you know she loves you :)

Atleast you both get to meet the family if you hadn't before.

After finished reading the first sentence I thought this is going to end as a "cheating" FML. OP, atleast you didn't had to go through what I was think.

29... How did 3's comment make you think of cheating at all?

29 I was thinking the same thing. At least there was no cheating involved

33- he meant the first sentence of the anecdote

Wow, maybe he should have replied to the FML then and not 3's comment.

67 - Wow, who cares.

Hey 33- did we catch you at the wrong time?(; (Referring to his profile)

SURPRISE!!! damn that sucks.

I can't tell if the FML is about them both having flights to each other and missing each other, or that the girlfriend is cheating on him as she went "ages" ago.

96- I hate to be rude, but the FML clearly states they both caught a flight to where the other person is living, thus missing each other when they arrived to their destination. It really isn't that hard to understand.

96 - "Hours" not "ages."

YDI OP. You should have told her family first. You never know.

His girlfriend did the exact same thing meaning your logic is flawed.

He shouldnt have to tell her first. That's why it's called a 'surprise'

Why would he tell her? Ever hear of being romantic?

That's why Surprises aren't always the best.

It was still very sweet of you to try to surprise her like that!(:

Awww, that was sweet on both your parts. Ouch though. I hope one of you can fly to the other and still have time to spend together!

This is why you shouldn't go through with such expensive surprises... At least tell someone around them who can make sure they don't leave or screw it up somehow. That does suck, though. But it's kind of cute!

Good idea. But surprises that actually work out like that are so worth it! Unless they're cheating on you, then it's not.

That's why my step-dad would always call me when he was going to drive up, so I could make sure my mom wasn't going anywhere.

Actually 82 finding them cheating is worth it, because then you know and you aren't wasting time with a cheating asshole/bitch

Sounds like an episode of "Friends" lol

Ross and Emily! Oh OP, maybe she's not your *lobster* then? Haha