By Dutchee - 23/01/2012 11:27 - Netherlands

Today, I realized the universal beauty that can be found in a pancake. I'm not sure if I have reached spiritual enlightenment, or if I should have my head examined. FML
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if you mean blueberry pancake, you're off the hook.

I know what you mean pancakes can be very beautiful ... *sniffle*


if you mean blueberry pancake, you're off the hook.

Nope, rainbow pancakes!

Choclate chip pancakes that your mother made into fun shapes, ahh the good ole days. :)

Mickey mouse pancakes!!!!!

Ultimate blueberry rainbow chocolate chip unicorn shaped pancakes!

Hey 29 leggo of my eggo!

Fuck Eggo, homemade is so much better

Hes obviously refering to paincakes ( bad joke i know)

iHop holiday pancakes.

Denny's grand slam pancakes. :o

at least he hasnt found the universal beauty in waffles... Blue waffles...

Has anyone else noticed that you cannot make homemade pancakes taste like those made at a diner? :/

144- I did it one time, and then I could never do it again :(

I love pancakes!

Everybody does. Was it really necessary to voice your opinion about them, though?

That's kind of the point of FML...

Why do you mind so much I did? ...

I love pancakes tooooooo goo pancakes wooooooohhhh

Is there really about to be a fight over pancakes on here?

Who wouldn't fight over pancakes?

#37 - just wait till there's a political or religious FML. Comments usually get closed.

Eww. Pancakes... WAFFLES FTW.

By the way 19, last time I checked FML wasn't ment for people to voice their opinions on pancakes.

True, but it is meant to voice your opinion on a FML story, and this one so happens to be about pancakes, so the comment was valid.

91 you do realize that a waffle is just a pancake with holes in it to hold syrup...

20 because he's SugarCrazy :P.

There will be no fighting over pancakes today! I brought the syrup so we are all good!

Yeah that is a bit odd

Whatever hes smoking I want some!

But pancakes ARE beautiful! They have this cushiony thing to them, so fluffy and smooth!

It's only odd If OP was sober, however if they made pancakes while high... Probably normal.

Pancakes are yummy.

waffles are the same thing as pancakes, just with holes in it:/

Umm... this is FML. NOT WTF.

Pancake Nirvana ftw?

more like "Pancake Nirvana, WTF?"

Nirvana means a state of perfect peace or enlightenment..

^ Thank you Webster...

"...I'm not sure if I have reached spiritual enlightenment or.." hard being right all the time 34, isn't it?

Yeah.. Probably want to get that head checked out.. :D

I think maybe both...

Ahh, a philosopher? Please, let's discuss this matter! Say, IHop?

In this case I believe IHOP would stand for International House of Pyschos.

I know what you mean pancakes can be very beautiful ... *sniffle*

A touching moment in pancake history

Can I touch your pancakes?

I'm tearing up at the thought of them...:'-)