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  trollcrusher  |  17

Most dumb kids don't know how to appreciate the taste of a fine liquor, they often just drink to get hammered. Maybe the purpose of the Monster was to make the taste more tolerable to them, but I'm assuming it was mainly for the rush from combining alcohol and stimulants.

Whatever the stunted thought process behind this was, I hope the niece is being held fully accountable! Two grand and over two decades of aging, wasted (no pun intended).

  species4872  |  19

<p>&nbsp;Even parents can't compensate for stupid.</p>

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Monster is a sophisticated melange of subtle flavor notes, so it deserves top-shelf bourbon to complement it for the discriminating palette.

You couldn't expect your niece to ruin Monster with Everclear or Listerine?

By  rgetting  |  24

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  brewmasterg  |  34

It may have been a gift, or kept for a very special occasion. My fiancé has a bottle of whiskey worth close to $500 which we only bring out when we are celebrating something. Just because someone owns something worth $2000 doesn't mean they have to forfeit the right to disappointment when someone takes it away from them. Also bottles of that price range are usually aged and yes, you can taste the difference.

  Sparkieemae  |  14

1. It wouldn't matter if you &quot;can't tell the difference.
2. The point is that it was his property and it actully was worth thousands of dollars.
3. You can most definitely tell the difference.
4. It might not have been to &quot;show off&quot; for &quot;friends&quot; something worth that much could easily be a family heirloom or a gift for an important life event like a college graduation or a marriage.
5. Or maybe it was just something he worked his ass off for and saved up his own money to purchase for himself.
In any event she had no right to steal it (and ruin it in an honestly offensive way if you actually appreciate top shelf liquor).