By woof woof?? - 15/06/2013 20:26 - Canada - Sherwood Park

Today, I was making love to my boyfriend, when he discovered that if he hits a certain area just right, my leg starts shaking like a dog. Now he won't stop patting my head and saying, "Who's a good girl?!" FML
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BubbleGrunge 18

Did you like his bone?

MEM0817 18

And that's when you put him in the dog house....


MEM0817 18

And that's when you put him in the dog house....

punjabtimelord 18

You should offer to do it doggystyle ;D

And don't forget to mention that even the dog can't sleep on the couch.

Did you guys read this right? He's pretending the girlfriend is the dog, not the boyfriend.

tylermt1999 17

Yeah, and they're turning the insult back around.

websphere69 27

who let the dog out..,,

Lick him..leave as much slobber as possible

Who's a good girl?

Op's boyfriend is pretty awesome.

Lol. Why did this get many dislikes?

Poor op:c must be so ruff

Damian95 16

Life's a bitch like that.

I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks

or it could've been a treat

BubbleGrunge 18

Did you like his bone?

I guess you could say you two do it, *puts on sunglasses* .. Doggystyle..

At least he didn't ask you "Who's a good bitch? You want your bone? Want me to take you to the pound?"

ahh ye olde pound town. Quite a pleasant place.

jojimugo 20

So basically you're his B.....

You know, the joke doesn't work when you don't have the balls to write out the whole word.....

Who let the dog out? Woof Woof

Was the sex a real treat?