By pixiegirl - 08/08/2010 19:38 - United States

Today, I found out that my "secret admirer" I've been exchanging letters with for the last three months, and even started developing feelings for, is actually my ex best friend trying to pull a prank on me. FML
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dudeitsdanny 9

I've wanted to do that to a few people.. But falling for a secret admirer? That sounds safe. One day you'll end up on a milk carton.

sucks. lucky you found out before it got into something serious


Man this FMLs are giving me new ideas hahahahaha

I seen this fml before except it was the persons dad lol

why did my comment get moderated??? oh well but this fml is funny.

chocolatedrop 0
chocolatedrop 0

I do sometimes. It's nice to be a bit old-fashioned on occasion! *drinks from teacup and adjusts top hat*

Barrientos432 5

I am both shocked and appalled that you could consider me a figure of amusement! :O *monocle falls from eye*

*adjusts cloche and gloves* I'm laughing with you, my good madam. Though I prefer a Mint Julep to a spot of tea.

chocolatedrop 0

YDI for having a best friend. YDI for having a "secret admirer". YDI for being fooled. YDI for having a prankster friend. YDI for receiving letters.

dude that sucks butt pubes...had be a girl.

it's funny because you thought they loved you but they were just joking

Here's the oh so creative #18 again. She's SO original with her comments!!! Her comments are absolutely brilliant, aren't they? I wish I could be that witty.....

you totally shoulda kept it going if you knew. like write real kinky stuff. Sorta turn the tables on them, ya know? it would've been an awesome rebound.

stop being so jealous 24, it just had to be a girl who just HAD mention my creativity and great ability to troll... ugh. **** off.

Averizzle 0

Skid you are very strange..

YDI! Nobody should be developing feelings for "Secret" admirers. Only do that when the "secret" is out in the open and you know the admirer in person ..

YDI for thinking people love u, but they didn't and never had and never will be loved. EVER!

TaylorTotsYumm 10

OP, you missed a bunch of commas.

#18 - stfu. they don't deserve it. it's not their fault they had a **** for a best friend.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Aha, "it's fun." Ignorance, you owe me a rant. Just incase you forgot.

Raleigh_bruh 7

The other day when some guy made a dumbass comment about owning you or something rather, you said you were too tired to rant. And then when I told you I was disappointed with your post you told me you would rant to someone for me later on. Buuut, you never did. So you owe me.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Yeh, see. Even Captain remembers, so now you have to do it. :] P.S. - What's up, Captain. :P

kaylascool 0

agreed with number 18. for sure(: haha

anyone who keeps "flaming" me, needs to leave me alone and **** off! I don't deal with douches.

OliviaNicole 5

#1, I totally agree. I'm so gonna do this to my best friend who is in desperate need of a relationship.... bahahahah

Raleigh_bruh 7

Hmm, as long as you don't forget. Again.

changetheworld 0

duuuuude. selena has like 9595052 personalities.! lol. she was super happy the other day, then everybody was mean and she was sadd, then creative and then mad. xD btw, im not being meann. ;D

BallinJ 0

that sucks. but is this the 90s? who has secret admirers anymore? with the day of cameras on phones, internet with all sorts of social network sites, im, email, etc. its like having a pen pal, lol.

I'm different... like everybody else. lol

thatrandombadass 0

I really like you pic haha it makes me giggle.:)

thatrandombadass 0

you are a very ugly girl. By that I of course mean your ugly personality. Please fix this.

I love Raleigh AND iicaptain just saying

selena: Bit assuming, aren't you? -.- No one flamed you between your comments #30 and #75 up here. FTR, Team Ignorance/Trollz. ;)

Toxxic_Blackout 0

Selena and Ignorance should team up with the Asian girl (#48 I think) to make an epic trolling trio. the Asian girl would be the leader though bcuz she is Asian which makes her the best so Selena and ignorance will sometimes fight over who gets to be 2nd in command but u kno they really are best friends so yeah that's what should happen IMO.

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Chrisskiies 0

He just said that, cus he has a scret crush on all 3. That's my opinion.

Chrisskiies 0

We heard you the first time iicaptain. Lol

Chrisskiies 0

Lol well I'm on no ones team, just a spectator. Pendatik, whoever is on your team pay for you to go places. Lol

Chrisskiies 0

I lied, I do have a team.. It's called.. Team afatmonkey! Lol, I wonder what ever happened to afatmonkey, his comments were always funny. Raleigh, don't act confuzzled, we all know you have a team too!

Raleigh_bruh 7

No, I don't want a team. If I did have one though, I'd want all of the people that dislike me to be on it. :]

KiddNYC1O 20

I still can't get over selena's "fairs" joke attempt in a previous fml haha

KiddNYC1O 20

iicaptain reminds me so much of seanreddog... hmm lol

DuckOnAStick 0

Trying?? Don't you mean pulling a prank on you?

Don't worry pendatik, I'm American. I work for processed cheese and Freedom Fries. Preferably together. But I might sue your ass for my fatass, so y'know.

iicaptain,just stop living you sad little life on a website talking to whoever will talk back. get a life please. I don't care what crap people have to say bout me now. I'm just so sick of iicaptain being such a retard.

changetheworld 0

stop whining like a little bitch.

javihippo 0

nice job at trolling...******* loser

ignorance is jealous of Selena cause she's hot and ignorance has a dick.

has anyone here ever had sex with a goat?

ohh that's harsh iicaptain! we have the same type of dogs though!

Why do people waste their lives arguing on FMLs? (besides amusing others..)

tweetbaby14 18

why do people use the comments section as a chatroom? it makes no sence. and ignorance, skidz is most likely on an iPod/iPhone/iPad like I am. people please stop loaning out your brains then making comments it just makes you seem stupid. P.S. don't comment back at me -Lexi

lol 175, that totally suits the whole convo going on right now

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pingpongpenguin 3
letsgododgers213 0

ignorance: do u have a facebook or myspace?

YDI for writing letters. Old people write letters. selenagirl, you have the best YDIs. Don't let those losers get to you

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atticuz 2

Remember, trolls are the ones that are waiting underneath the bridge to tickle your balls and steal your gold.

if the Irish jane doe is American what with her name??

Iowa123 0

18- You just love making 'YDI' lists... unless that's just your format.

Iowa123 0

75- So I bet you have trouble dealing with yourself, huh?

Is it really that difficult to understand? = I'm not an Irish citizen; I was born and raised in the USA. My family heriage is heavily Native American/Irish, and my real names are common Irish ones, thus "the Irish (version of) Jane Doe." I'm not a natural ginger, either, though both my sisters are. Physically, I'm a strange mix of the two backgrounds. Different features look strongly Irish and NA in turns. I just like being a redhead, and it suits who I am.

Jsalcedo23 0

yeah... everyone uses that get original

sucks. lucky you found out before it got into something serious

dudeitsdanny 9

I've wanted to do that to a few people.. But falling for a secret admirer? That sounds safe. One day you'll end up on a milk carton.

Sun_Kissed18 25

hahah that's funny but also kinda true. The OP had really no idea who this guy was and you're lucky it was just a prank with someone you knew

I was on a milk carton once... but it didn't survive :-/

are you from cayman, I noticed the cayman airways thing xD

Sun_Kissed18 25

No haha this picture was when I was flying there for vacation

You should keep exchanging letters. Just so people will think you have a sort of love life.

Bit sad falling for someone you never met, but sucks that someone would do that to you :/

It's easy to fall in love with the idea of someone liking you and only you

hcovballer247 0

That is funny but really sucks.....