By pianoplayer - 22/05/2013 01:57 - Canada - Mackenzie

Today, my neighbors called the police and said that they saw, through the window, a suspicious person in my house doing something to my piano. The "suspicious person" was me, in my own house, playing my own piano. FML
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"yes 911. my neighbor is fingering some minors in his living room."

Your neighbors are retarded.


Your neighbors are retarded.

Or it was their way of telling OP that they suck at playing the piano.

Maybe just play it a little less suspiciously next time?

maybe next time cover the window so neighbors can't see?

Next time they more the lawn call the cops saying they are trimming their hedge in public.

"yes 911. my neighbor is fingering some minors in his living room."

As a piano teacher who uses this on his business card, I now understand why I get such disgusted looks when I show this to parents. It doesn't seem to strike a chord with them.

Don't forget the D.

18- perhaps it's because a classy looking dog wearing a tophat and monocle just handed them a business card!

28 - That can't be it, I am a classically trained dog! Look, this is what I sound like when I bark: "Bach! Bach! Bach!"

I can't stop laughing right now.

epic comment is epic

Maybe you need to pick up the flute instead.

Ahh perhaps not. As they could think that your blowing something else...

Skin flute!!

You shouldn't have been playing Psycho on your piano.

Haha wtf? Invest in some curtains

What if it was the middle of the day? Or is playing the piano to pornographic to be exposed to the street?

You must look pretty strange while playing the piano...

At least they care enough about you and your stuff to call!

I guess that's their way of getting you to stop playing piano.

Were you wearing all black? Including a beanie?

Oh no! I meant black hoodie!

Lol you referenced 2 fml's :P

Maybe from thier perspective it looked like you were hacking up a body. In which case I'd be happy to help.

Forgot to take your medicine again, hmm?