By ohshittttttt - 04/04/2009 16:15 - United States

Today, I set my AIM status to be the currently-playing file on my iTunes. I've downloaded a lot of porn to my iTunes, and I wanted to watch some. My status changed to "Girl in Latex gets fucked in the ass." FML
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gee, i think thats number one on itunes!


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143 is an idiot porn is pwnsome kind of porn to watch :D

evperry 2


Porn is for those who cant get laid themselves

alicemassie 0

gee, i think thats number one on itunes!

mackenzieex3 0

Um. What? I thought you couldn't download porn on iTunes? atleast that's what my friend said..o.O

singer4life666 0

148 you can't, but you can add it to your iTunes library. Haha.

frozenshake 5

148 plus, it was a joke -.-

FrancesShiver 20

This is a mess

Poorly written. You deserved it.

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umm, what? lol

LMAFO! One of the best FML ever! sucks for youu, rofl xD

hope you dont have a girlfriend, she'd be fucking pissed if she didnt know that was a video name

But on the bright side, everyone else would be incredibly jealous.

My gf knows I watch porn and she doesn't care

The OP is a chick.

#185 hoping someone would catch onto that

helen__fml 0

this was already posted slightly different. f a k e

Why would you upload it to iTunes? So that when it's on random, it'll go to the video when you least expect it? Or was it for when people are scrolling through your songs, they say "I've seen that video too?"

So he can put it on his iPod and jack off in the bathroom, come on bro , like u never thought about it

@158 OP's a female.

Ok then Jill off in the bathroom?