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By fxck - 20/07/2012 22:45 - South Africa - Durban

Today, while walking home, I passed some guy loudly whining that foreign imports are destroying our economy, and that we should all be deported. When I pointed out that the mobile phone in his hand was clearly a Samsung, he turned bright red and punched me in the gut. FML
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Thank you for your extremely well appreciated input #3

The car you drive, the clothes you wear, the gadgets you use, the food you eat...there's bound to be imports somewhere in the mix. Our markets wouldn't be as diverse if it wasn't for these "foreign imports".

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even the US athletes' uniform for the Olympics is made in China!

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I swear this FML is copied, or at least extremely close to another one.

Without other countries imports we wouldn't have any choice or any options. Everyone would be driving ford focuses and jeeps.

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"Neville there is a time and place to get smart." If no one gets this reference I have lost all hope in humanity.

#124 We would actually be walking because Jeeps and Fords and all cars alike have parts from all around the world.

Why the **** would someone yell those things while wandering around?

maybe hes one of those conceited bastards who think that they are the next jesus and by just explaining the things that are wrong with the world and not doing a single thing against them.

Or you know, he was on the phone having a conversation... Either way OP should have minded their own business rather than eavesdropping and butting in...

Eavesdropping implies the victim doesn't want to be heard, which isn't the case considering he was yelling.

Hey, the truth hurts. Hurts you, that is.

I'd bet that all the clothes he was even wearing were made in another country.

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Mostly everything in the US is made in china

But this FML was not in the US, it was in South Africa

He has a point. We don't need them here.

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His point would have been more credible if he didn't happen to be using a foreign import at the time of his outburst.

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Umm are you from South Africa?

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Dear Mods, Rather than deleting the comment, I think screwing with his comment would be a lot more entertaining. ;)

Immigrants in most countries help with diversity and take jobs no one else wants.

you need what the people or the merchandise? As for the people,you do need them because they come to your country and do the jobs you don't want to do. I'm not being rude its just they will gladly do your dirty work because its better then where they came from. for that reason they get my respect. Same foes for the merchandise, it makes sense to import. It cost to much to make because our standard of living is to high

Without them, we would have no toyota, nissan, samsung, nintendo, capcom, and no workers to build most of the things we use.

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A point? You are on your iPod/iPhone/iPad. Those are made in china.

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Actually, Ipods, ipads, and iphones were made in america. steve jobs.

lol? they are assembled in china though thats clearly what he's saying

An iPad would cost $14,000 If made in America. Just saying.

He was stumped at your good comment, so he punched you cause he didn't know what to say :)

He was stumped because OP made him realize he was an idiot. Haha.

Did you punch his racist ass back? (Not literal term of ass).

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Wanting your country to produce it's own products and not accept those of other countries is not racist. Perhaps you should take the time to educate yourself on the meaning of racism before you throw the word around like the morning paper.

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26- I think #8 may have been referring to the part in the FML where Mr. Crazy Pants was ranting about wanting "them" to be deported.

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35- Foreign imports being deported is what he was talking about. They're products, not people.

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Possibly. "We should all be deported" is the verbiage, though. Sounds more like OP is referring to people because of the "we" in that specific instance. The rest of the FML seemingly implies that he is speaking about products, though.

35- you do realize to get rid of a foreign IMport that it needs to be DEported, right?

^ What? It says "WE should be deported", as in the people who buy the products. Use your head.

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43- You don't understand. Foreign imports are made by foreigners, as in they are made in other countries and then bought into another. The only thing you can deport is the product because it's all made in another country. That "we" must have been a grammar mistake because it does not fit with anything else.

43 is spot on the money. It sounds like OP is making reference to all those using the imported products. The "we" is referring to the people not the imported product. Deporting all those who do not buy locally made products.

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47- I do understand, actually. You are aware that people can be deported, right? Not just products? If it was actually a grammar error, the mods would have fixed it by now. I'm not saying I agree with the original comment that started this thread, I was simply clarifying its meaning.

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That's what I was thinking as I read the comments. I was under the impression only people are deported whereas products are exported..

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@ 34: That's still not even racism. Not even close. That's called playing by the rules . . . but then again the OP is from South Africa so I think you're just some kid who doesn't know better.

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115- I already stated that I was not agreeing with the comment, I was simply trying to clarify its meaning.

In South Africa everything is racist. Klomp fokkers.

All of the people arguing over import and deport are idiots, enough said.

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Most foreign cars are made in the U.S. And almost all American cars are made in Mexico. That is what you should have told him.

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I suppose the fact that he's from South Africa has nothing to do with anything.

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Even a lot of "American" brand items aren't made here anymore either.

He is right to some extent, buy American! Also hope you didn't bleed too long for driving a Prius :p

I'd rather get my stuff imported from Japan - at least I know what I'm buying is reliable other than this "American" cheap bullshit we have here

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What if I told you... Op lives in south Africa?