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Today, at my job as a fourth grade teacher, I realized that most of my students have far nicer and more expensive phones than I can afford. FML
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Nolimit2217 32

I bet you're better spoken than them though!

What the **** kind of ****** up country do you live in where the average elementary school teacher only makes $51,000 a year, but the average professional baseball player earns $3.2 million? Which is more important? Which is more influential? My daughter's teacher is one of the most important people in her life right now.


Nolimit2217 32

I bet you're better spoken than them though!

I'd hope op's better spoken than the 4th graders she's teaching..

Little4Bear 10

My first "electronic" was a gameboy. Now-a-days kids are unbelievably spoiled it saddens me to see that the good days are long gone.

Rainhawk94 27

I saw a kid no taller than 4 feet.with a big hat put on backwards with a huge I phone swearing at his mother at the movies. its unbelievable that kids are this way

Who would you call at 8 years old anyway? Sheesh, these kids have to play outside, not freakin play on smartphones.

Id assume they would call each other 112, what they would talk about, i have no idea. Maybe about how bad lunch was that day. :/

I got my first phone when I was 15!! Oh and I was sent to boarding school from age 7-15!! Who gives a phone to kids at age 9-10?!

Damn, OP, that really sucks. Society really needs to look at education differently...

It's not even that that's the biggest issue here. Parents these days give in to every little thing their child asks for. I didn't get a cell phone until grade ten. And let me tell you, I was happier without it. I love my phone, but I can also clearly see how life is better without everyone's faces glued to their smartphones.

On the flip-side, I would like my child to have access to a phone in case of emergencies or if I needed to contact them. Tracking the phone is also a good way to keep an eye on them.

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I wouldn't say parents give into everything their children ask for, 11, otherwise we'd see a helluva lot more 5 year olds riding ponies around. You need to understand when you were in school cell phones were just starting to gain popularity and were for the more privileged, while now, cell phones are dirt cheap(not the bills), and it's a convenience every ones grown accustomed to. I don't see anything wrong with a parent giving their children cell phones so they can get ahold of them easier. It's not like the parents just up and caved in because their kid was bitching that he was the only one in the class without a phone. It's technology, and it's just getting started.

But why give kids a $700 smartphone, why not a $20 feature phone?

I agree with 30. How many kids that have smartphones have one of the old ones or something? And for that matter, if you want to get your kid a phone just for emergencies, why a smart phone at all? I agree that it is ok to get your kid a phone, but what possible use could kids have for such expensive phones? To play a few apps on? It is really pointless to pay so much for something that most dont even use.

I have gotten my kids phones and all they use it for is calling me or their dad. I paid more for their brick phones ($20/each) than I did for my smartphone ($50). The only way I justify it is saving on the monthly plan (no data for them.. muahaha). And we dont need a house phone then... now if they only made a ringtone that was loud enough to be heard over the giggling.

There is one, it's one of those alarms you hear in submarine movies, I heard one across a walmart parking lot.

Well the reason is probably that the parents got tired of loaning them their iPhones every time they want to play fruit ninja. Also the probably have an older model (Like 5c instead of 6)

spoiled kids. parents get them.everything. hate those kind of kids

actually you cant really blame them for having wealthy parents....

That's true , but wealthyparents should also teach their kids what money is worth and how important it is to earn it , otherwise they are spoiled and just see things their own way without thinking about others around them . I've seen it first hand . I had a friend who I took rides to school with with his dad driving the car . He "demanded" to get a hummer for his 16th birthday . Why ? He claimed its normal for kids his age to get brand new cars for their 16th and it would make him look cool . He was literally being a little shit about it , and he was 15 at the time...

Literally. As in just laying there inanimately, being brownish and stinky?

Exactly if I'm a millionaire by the time I have kids no way they're getting a smartphone/watch, or tablet until they're at least halfway through high school.

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Just because wealthy parents get their kids things doesn't make them spoiled, if my dad was to offer me a iPhone or a nice new car for my birthday I wouldn't say no to it and I doubt any of you would either.

Rahulcool - That's sort of the very definition of "spoiled".

I mean I understand your point but when you have kids you want to spoil them and give them everything becausr you love them. This is not to be co fused with equating material things with love, but if you have the money and you don't mind giving your kids things as long as they earn it, why not? Not all wealthy people are stuck up snobs who spoil their children because they dont love them like you see in the movies.

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81 I wouldn't object to getting a better vehicle because mine is starting to get run down but not a freaking sports car. And no Sir I am happy with my Android. **** iPhones...

What the **** kind of ****** up country do you live in where the average elementary school teacher only makes $51,000 a year, but the average professional baseball player earns $3.2 million? Which is more important? Which is more influential? My daughter's teacher is one of the most important people in her life right now.

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Teachers make nothing near 51K a year where I live. It's sad, really.

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Teachers are very important. As a freshman in college at a large university, I am beginning to learn just how fortunate I was to have teachers who walked me through every problem. However, salaries are dependent upon replaceability, and great baseball players are far harder to find than good teachers. I'm not saying I agree with the principle at all, but in a capitalist economy focusing on profit teachers are quite easy to replace.

Ndomer - I disagree. GOOD teachers are very difficult to find, and even harder to replace.

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good baseball players make stupid amounts of money because better players make better teams, better teams win and people come to watch them win, when people come to watch them that makes the owners more money... its the same for all professional sports teams

ndomer 6

I agree with that fully. I couldn't believe some of the amazing teachers I had in high school who were let go in the past few years, and they have not been replaced to near the same degree. I wish those teachers could have kept their jobs, and even gotten much larger salaries. It's just unfortunate that the government, as their employer, does not try to reward good teachers at all. For them, money mattered more.

In BC, a school teacher starts at $48,000 and can make up to a maximum of $76,000, depending on school district. And this is ninth in Canada. In Ontario, they make nearly $100,000

I agree with #29 , a lot of teachers don't like their jobs and they hardly care for their students . Teachers who love their jobs and have the care to teach and help their students are hard to find . Although , a lot of students really do push it , but a teacher should always do their job because they should , otherwise go look for another job .

Professional athletes are only paid that much because people pay to see them and buy so much merchandise. There shouldn't be complaints about it - take a stand by not giving them any money. I agree with the sentiment being made, but not the comparison used to make it.

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Being a teacher is a labor of love and that's the reward.

My teachers in elementary school made me what I am now. I got my Bachelors Degree in 2 years at UC Davis and I just turned 20 last month. If it wasn't for my elementary school teachers recognizing my talent and enhancing it I am nothing that I am now.

Superstar athletes who dedicate their lives to a single sport above all else deserve to be awarded at market value. They make that much money because the team will pay them that much money because the residents of their home city will pay the ticket/concession/merch prices that gives the organization the buying power to pay those rates. I personally used to think politicians and teachers should be on the same pay scale. Until I realized the teachers lobbyists and the politicians would just vote themselves raises.

Yeah but the talent pool for teacher is thousands fold larger than that of say professional footbal players. not to say they arent overpayed, but one could argue the rarity of professional sports players justifies the pay. plus a good player can creates billions in revenues.

ndomer 6

I've always found the argument that "they would vote themselves raises" quite odd. Honestly, who wouldn't?

Well, the intent would be to drag teacher salaries up and politician salaries down. But the reality of the matter is the teacher salaries would skyrocket to the Congress level of well north of 150k/year + massive benefits. And I for one don't think all teachers deserve that. Some do, sure. But not all. As to who wouldn't vote themselves a raise? People with integrity who know they don't deserve or need it.

And after all this, they still push kids to do better in school

Those who can't teach, teach teachers. Those that can't teach teachers, teach gym!

Zebediabolical - Your (and others') argument that athletes are paid more because people pay to see them and make the owners more and thus deserve more is downright stupid. I fully understand the economics of professional sports, I just think it's completely insane and has gone way overboard.

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Pro sports players make a ton of money because all of you sports fans buy the football tickets, go to their games, buy their jerseys...etc

captainmpg 9

That's only after a lifetime of service and self paid further education. New teacher in Ontario make less than 45,000

#38....A teacher is a teacher regardless of a students bahvoir, yes. But coming in to work day in and day out to put up with some of these behaviors is stressful. It makes it hard for a teacher to do their job, or even want to after putting up with it everyday.

BriCx 8

Are you kidding? My mother made MAYBE 30k a year when she was a teacher. But I do agree with you, it's incredibly sad.

Well Doc, maybe you can go lead a protest demanding that professional athletes be paid less.

#58, you're absolutely right. It's a well known fact that love magically pays bills and puts food on the table. Maybe we should all just work for free? Teaching can be incredibly rewarding, but it's also incredibly stressful and comes with huge amounts of responsibility. I don't know about other countries, but here in the UK the blame for umpteen problems with children and teenagers' behaviour and underachievement is levelled at teachers. Often these problems are not their fault and they are merely trying as best they can to undo the damage caused by uninterested parents, an overloaded government and a society that values image and wealth above all else.

Factor in how much you're willing to pay for a K to 12 education, and then how much for tickets to a baseball game. Can't blame everyone when you go though a free education and expect teachers to be paid.

You're an idiot. Competition drives salaries, nothing else. You know why you don't see jerseys with teachers' names on them? Because no one would buy them. Teachers are very valuable, but also plentiful. Only one kid in 100,000 can make it to the pros. This is real life. Play to win not whine.

Professional sportsmen and women are paid a fortune because the public is ready to spend loads of money on games and sponsors. If people think it’s unfair, they should stop watching the games and buying product from their sponsors. That you think that teachers are underpaid is one thing, but it’s silly to say that baseball players or whoever shouldn’t make that much money. I mean, do people complain when Tom Cruise earns 20 million dollars for shooting a movie during 6 months? These people are paid that much for a reason, they are an investment. A good teacher may have a positive influence on a kid but technically they won’t generate as much money as a sport or movie star. It’s sad but cold capitalism.

51000$ is ok. Teachers earn 7200$ a year where I live.

I am a catholic school teacher - I make less than $25,000. Teaching is very rewarding and I love it, but I have to pay the same bills as everyone else.

Be happy with what you have! You probably earned it =D

Sometimes all that's left to do is shake your head. Kids learning how to spell the word "snake" and "cat" on iPads and I'm looking at this like... Where are all the crayons?

And why arent these kids covered in finger paint? (That my question usually)

He probably earned it, but the kids probably didn't.

If it makes you feel any better, they also have nicer phones than they can afford too. :P If that makes you feel insecure, go sign your soul over for a 3 year contract, and you too can have a shiny toy. Just eat less to pay for it. Or "get" rich parents to spoil you. Either or. :p

Depending on where you teach, I can see it. My son is out of the loop (as a second grader) since he does not have an iPad. There are so many little girls with Prada bags too. Gotta have your little kid keep up with the Joneses.

What on Earth?! I didn't even know what Prada was until I was in middle school. Who the hell gives an 8 year old a $800 purse?

Same parents who buy $500 Chanel tshirts for their 15 year old. My dad felt bad when I was in school that we couldnt afford it because I was a good kid and never asked for much. One year, he bought some iron on printer paper and designed one of a kind "Chanel" tshirts out of $10 fruit of the loom tees. It was one of my favorite presents ever. I got so many compliements on them and every time I just giggled and told them they were limited edition.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

I got my 1st cell phone at 21, texting was very new, there was no Facebook, it was all about MySpace

Facebook was before MySpace I believe . while MySpace was for everyone . I know that Facebook used to just be for college students to connect and meet with each other . now it's the mess it has turned into . my Facebook account was started back in 2005 . when I was in school .

every1luvsboners 11

You can afford a different phone, stop being a tightwad and breakout the money to buy one. And stop being a jealous bag of dicks.

What the **** is wrong with you? Can you read? OP can't afford it.

BriCx 8

He must be one of OP's spoiled students...

#107, If you're familiar with the FML regular, Perdix, and his sarcasm and shock value-oriented humorous tendencies, this commentor is like that, but on steroids (and ecstasy).

#124, yes, but this comment is just plain idiotic

I don't agree with young children having phones, let alone expensive phones, BUT I can understand a parents paranoia and wish to be able to immediately contact their child. It's also a way for their child to contact them in case of an emergency. I suppose I'd also want to give my child a phone (though a very simple phone) if my child were in school or out and about.

#12 has a valid point . In my opinion , if kids would literally die to get a smart phone , iPhones , iPads etc , parents should make a deal with them . A great example , as I've commented earlier somewhere , would be to ask their kids for approving grades where in return they get rewarded with what they want . Making them earn it is the best way . In the mean time they could use a simple phone for emergency and what not . Having a phone IS useful in many ways .

I don't really believe in giving children expensive gifts as "rewards" for good grades. I think good grades are to be expected, whether or not they're being gifted in return. I think if anything a gift like a smartphone should be given as a privilege to an excelling child or one who is going above and beyond. Simply making a deal along the lines of "This expensive toy is the reason you're getting good grades" doesn't teach them that studying and doing well in school is mandatory. It makes it about the phone instead of about the expectation of hard-work. I'd probably go the route of having the child earn their phone through extra chores on top of good grades.

what happened to the phones for that purpose ? emergencies only . it had only a few numbers programmed and emergency numbers only . i don't think a child should have an iPhone or Android phone . not a recent one anyway .

BriCx 8

65 I agree that giving a smartphone is a bit much but I have to disagree somewhat. Good grades should be mandatory, yes, but when kids get out of school they have to get jobs and make a living. What better way to teach them the importance of earning money for themselves than to give them a small allowance for good grades? My parents did that for my brother and me growing up. For every A on our report card, we received $5. For every B, $3. C's were $1. D's and below, nothing. If you asked me that's a good way to teach them to be responsible.