By jobless - 13/02/2011 05:31 - United States

Today, I discovered out of the 20 job applications only one job called me for an interview. They told me to leave after two sentences. FML
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That's odd... what the hell did you say in those two sentences??

"hello, my name is Lindsay Lohan. I am here for the drug rep position"


That's odd... what the hell did you say in those two sentences??

"hello, my name is Lindsay Lohan. I am here for the drug rep position"

UpsidedownKayak 9

#9, Lindsey has been through drug rehabilitation, and that always works the first time, just look at the Charlie Sheen's success. It's painfully obvious that she was trying to avoid temptation, so she was applying at the jewelry store.

I think Lindsey Ho-lan is saying something diff theses days like "got anything good in the company safe to steal?"

His breath probably smells like poopsies woopsies!

You put violent thoughts into my head for saying those words.



I've applied to 40+ jobs, haven't had a single call back. You're not the only one so YDI for not realizing this.

Or mabye WOLFEYE is a bigger retard than OP? -_-

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I'm in the same situation. The economy sucks. I at least made it through the couple interviews I did get though.

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When applying for jobs, don't wait for them to call you back. Call them and ask if they have read your app. If you seem interested in the job you have a better chance. I applied for best buy, went in a few days later and asked if they read it and they gave me an interview right then and there. I didn't get it bc it was my first interview and it didn't go well. but my 2nd interview with another job went better, I got the interview bc I called, and I got the job.

try putting your number on your application lol

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true, you have to be persistent OP. don't wait for things to come to you

This happened to me too. Don't feel bad about yourself.

Read this OP. 2 interviews and he/she has a job. Thus is how to wooly for a job. if they don't call you, call them.

guess you'll have to rethink your career as a hooker

people that are doing the interviewing are dumb asses they are just dumb asses with a job. soon their company will have cut backs and they will be in your shoes, then they will know how it feels

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Sorry, but that's hilarious. XD Well, there's always stripping, OP.

I bet you're either some dumb kid or a jerk with a job?

Well I geuss people don't like you... fyl

That's really rude : / hope you get a job soon

And loads of people claim there are jobs everywhere and those who have no job are lazy.... Finding a job has become more a less a quest these days. I'll stick to being a criminal!~

there are plenty of jobs here in Australia. ppl are just lazy! doesn't worry me tho... I'm one of them, I have a business under management just so I don't have to work lol

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You forgot the obligatory "Darling".