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Because being polite is a bad thing? Did you really just imply that empathy is an undesirable trait? You realize having little or no empathy is a characteristic of anti-social personality disorder, also known as psychopaths and sociopaths. Not giving empathy is a BAD thing.

Constant criticism or "tough love," is damaging, it does not raise confident, well-rounded members of society. It lowers self-esteem and makes people feel worthless. People work best when they're comfortable, not when they're on edge. Sorry some people were raised not to be a dick.

  almost_there44  |  26

People love throwing "pc" around whenever they don't agree with someone else's ideas/choices. You think you earned something, you're being pc. You think something should be said in such a way that it doesn't offend someone, you're being pc. Just because you were raised differently doesn't mean that everyone else who doesn't think like you, is being pc. And even if someone is, why do you care?

  slapstick1982  |  19

So you're saying a fit was thrown? I guess my comment also stems from the "Everyone gets a trophy for participating" mentality. In life there are winners and losers in all aspects. Too much coddling can't be good for development. IMO.

  akelly727  |  0

I'm sure there are lots of assholes out there, including myself, but #10, what about people with fake sincerity, aren't they asshole as well?

By  sasquatchius  |  3

I used to screen resumes for a living, for a basic, entry level blue/white collar job (I live in Melbourne Aus - 5m people) you'll see 200-350 applicants. For a job like this there will be 2,000+. The reality is an average joe like you is better off setting your sites lower, you're simply not good enough to be that 1 in 2,000, aim lower, get an entry level job that you like, and can advance in. It won't be high paid, and it may not be in the field you want, but that's okay, a job is better than no job.