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Today, I'm at the unique point in my schooling that I'm either extremely overqualified or extremely underqualified for every job opportunity that appeals to me. FML
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I will never understand why "Over Qualified" is a thing

Apply for a job you're overqualified for, then work your way up. Simple!


That doesn't sound like the best place to be, OP. FYL, hope you get the right job for you soon :D

i am really interested in knowing this point in education

I am assuming they fulfilled class requirements and possibly internship/volunteer work that pushes them above starting positions, but haven't yet graduated and completed their degree thus making them not qualified enough for higher positions.

@21 No internship pushes them past entry level qualification. My guess is that OP is overqualified for another internship but underqualifies for an entry level position.

Umm. Actually, I have helped hire people for non-entry level positions due to experience from internships. And those who did not have internship experience started at the entry level positions. So I do know what I am talking about. And I said I was assuming. OP could very well have a different situation.

Apply for a job you're overqualified for, then work your way up. Simple!

Unfortunately, it's actually not that easy. Many places don't hire if overqualified. Then again, you could be ironic and it flew over my head :>

No one is overqualified for prostitution.

I will never understand why "Over Qualified" is a thing

An over-qualified person may quickly get bored of the job, thus leaving. It's expensive to replace employees.

Hiring only overqualified employees means you're also not letting people with entry-level skills have a shot at a job they need.

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if it appeals to you, then being over qualified shouldn't matter...

Sometimes, even if the employee is willing to take the job, the employer will refuse if overqualified. It sucks : I honestly know this from personal experience.

Some times you gotta start from the bottom and prove yourself

it's probably because no one wants to hire somebody who is smarter/ over qualified then they are, keep it up op you'll find something sooner or later!

Don't quit OP keep working until you're qualified for the things you're under qualified for right now, don't settle for less!

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Keep you head up and don't give up. The right job will come to you when you least expect it

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