By windthroughmyflab - 13/05/2015 23:19 - United States

Today, I stuck my hand out the car window and noticed my arm fat flapping in the wind. FML
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Hey, pretty soon you'll have wings.

You're one step closer to flying!


tweetbaby14 18


Be positive and say it's like a flag for your ship.

Or a universal hand signal that you're turning in to Burger King.

sonasonic 34

So majestic is your flag, for all that is worth, Burger King wants that back.

Hey, pretty soon you'll have wings.

I remember doing this all the time as a kid! Stick your arm out the window and tilt your hand to make the wind move your arm up and down. Good times.. Good times...

You're one step closer to flying!

A better name for this FML would've been "wind beneath my chicken wing".

One step closer to diabetes!*

Reminds me of what my legs looked like when I skydived. It was like my flab was being pulled away from my leg.

Was that the first time you noticed?

How far out the window were you sticking your arm?

That's fucking gross

How is that in any way gross, it's only body fat?? You have it, I have it, without it we'd be dead.. Grow up and be nice to people ffs

I am nice to people

It's a pleasure to meet you, Nice-To People.

I believe I can fly too

That's close to flashing to fellow road users