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Today, my boyfriend drove me home. I mentioned how I had recently started my period and he freaked out, saying I would "leak" through my tampon onto his seat. He made me sit on towels all the way home. FML
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tell him he's gonna have to wear three condoms because he might "leak" through the first


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A car is a man's pride and joy. Besides, they always give good rides.

That's an interesting way to twist it around.

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Ok FEELINGS aren't gonna fix my ruined seats... and it could be HUMILIATING driving around with blood stained seats. This seems perfectly logical.

#6 - I'm sure his car rides fine, but I'm sure OP "rides" better.

Don't get me wrong, I'm just not sure, but don't you have to be 18 to drive another unlicensed person and don't girls start to have their period at 12? Apologies if I offended anyone.

25- I bet she does but do u know any1 besides Hugh heffener that gets it every day no I didn't think so you can ride ur car every day ur girlfriend u can't. And no u only need to be 17 to drive some1 else around

54- Women get their periods until they're in their 50's to 60's.

Um... firstly you're wrong about when girls start their periods; it depends for every girl. Secondly, I'm pretty sure she's saying that A period started, not the FIRST period ever. You seem kinda... stoopid

I'm 16 and I have a lisense. Don't need to be 17.

It depends on where u live or what state or country

License you mean and they are speaking of a new U.S law that prohibits drivers under 18 of having other people under the age of 18 in their car unless they are family members. However they are wrong in saying no unlicensed drivers in the car with someone underage it's 1 person extra unless blood relative

In Norway you have to be 18 and have a license to drive legally. You can start driving when you are 16 but then you must have an adult of age 25 or up that have had the license for at least a year or something. I don't really remember correctly but I believe it is something around those lines.

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Where I'm from you can have unlimited family of any age in the car & one person under 18 if you just have a permit. For a driver's license I think you can have 2 people under 18. Not like anyone follows that rule though.

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In Mexico, you just have to be able to reach the pedal... but...

She may have just started her new cycle. Get a clue? Someone is single.

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Lol, gotta watch out for that heavy flow

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Your boyfriend is an asshole.

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Probably because she was moody therefor he asked what her deal was and she informed him. That or he wanted to have sex an she said no because she is on her period

Why? Maybe because they are in a relationship and they tell personal stuff like that to eachother? My boyfriend always informs me when he has diarrhea and I inform him a week beforehand when I'm going to get my period, all to avoid unpleasant discoveries.

^ha but that is practical I don't see why people are so embarrassed about their own bodies sometimes.

I agree 83 people need to stop hiding natural human things and get over it. It's not embarrassing it's mother nature

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I don't think he was embarrassed, just that he was more concerned about his car than OP. Seems like a simple "I'm using a tampon/pad/whatever" would have cleared that up, but maybe OPs boyfriend didn't care.

40, while I generally agree that peple in a relationship shouldn't be shy about such things, talking about diarrhea just screams TMI. "Honey, check this out! I took a dump and it's YELLOW!!!"

#94 my understanding is that the boyfriend already knew op was using a tampon

It's insulting. It's implying that OP doesn't know to take care of herself :)

I never knew siting on towels was such an FML moment

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So? I wouldn't want that on my car seats.

Ya he is. He's just worried about his car.

Wow talk about being paranoid! Maybe it happened b4 with someone else...

Well my girlfriend's sister was on her period and she wore some of my girlfriends clothing leaking blood all over the clothing. It was disgusting.

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107- Your profile says "My mind is a *****, my body is not." You could've fooled me, with that profile picture you've got.

Actually even with a pad on, I had a girl bleed all over my seat in my car once, but now I know that blood stains leather seats.

tell him he's gonna have to wear three condoms because he might "leak" through the first

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Actually wearing more condoms makes it MORE likely that they all will break. The more you know.

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Record 50 different tampon commercials, edit them to run end to end, and make him watch them with you in the car, in a short skirt, with no/little underwear on, while skill on your period, without the towels. Then hold up a tampon and say "Oopse, I thought I put this in. Oh well."

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50 tampon commercials would run for half an hour.

And whats stopping him from walking out after 2 seconds?

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Haha, read naitras comment, then look at naitras picture.


Once again, stop commenting!!!!!!

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And someone would want to go through all that trouble because.?

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U reallly like writing long, poinless,and stupid coments. Don't u?