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  91hayek  |  31

Only the last one I couldn't see myself enjoying. I think if I dug deep enough and low enough I could enjoy people who wished they were still alive, and others who wished each other were dead.

  leary96  |  15

My boss told me the same thing, but she followed it up with a "people might think you don't wanna be here" after a very sarcastic "really" I got written up.

By  thesmeagol  |  22

got this all the time when I was a dishwasher, granted I was hungover half the time as it was weekends only. you couldn't get me to smile unless you made me food haha

  thesmeagol  |  22

it was dishwashing, not like it required much thought to perform my duties. When the cooks were still drunk at 5am I dont think a headache warrants any cause for judgment among the staff.