By Anonymous - 07/06/2014 05:15 - United States - Charlotte

Today, I was disciplined by my boss for "not smiling enough." I'm a dishwasher. FML
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Indianboy9321 25

Smile the shit out of your face while you wash the shit out of those dishes like no one else!

MAD01502 20

Your boss is an idiot!


Nightwing98 22

Everyone wants a happy workplace!

Morticians? Divorce lawyers? Sexual assault social workers? Great, now I've gone and depressed myself. Maybe OP should smile and cheer me up or something.

91hayek 31

Only the last one I couldn't see myself enjoying. I think if I dug deep enough and low enough I could enjoy people who wished they were still alive, and others who wished each other were dead.

You would be surprised, Doc. We funeral people are usually laughing and happy.

had no an idea dishwashers could smile or even use the internet

Specially when you collect the outrageous funeral fees!! #35

popprock 13

Mind if I ask, but what reason is there to be happy when your job is washing dishes?

Start smiling like the people from the purge.

Maybe they just like seeing their workers show happiness while in the work place.

Don't worry, be happy now!

if only it were that easy!

Indianboy9321 25

Smile the shit out of your face while you wash the shit out of those dishes like no one else!

When I first read it, I imagined OP as a machine that washes dishes in homes. Right after I realised the real job he has....

It's harder than you think. - sponge

MAD01502 20

Your boss is an idiot!

ThatFancyPenn 18

I feel like I'm an idiot because at first I thought that OP was actually a dishwasher appliance. I think I should try sleeping.

31, Maybe he's the Maytag guy in the commercial

My boss told me the same thing, but she followed it up with a "people might think you don't wanna be here" after a very sarcastic "really" I got written up.

Freaking fantastic comeback. Good job.

Great boss you have, OP.

got this all the time when I was a dishwasher, granted I was hungover half the time as it was weekends only. you couldn't get me to smile unless you made me food haha

It's always a good idea to show up to work hungover -.-"

emily4040 18

Why would you go to work hungover?

it was dishwashing, not like it required much thought to perform my duties. When the cooks were still drunk at 5am I dont think a headache warrants any cause for judgment among the staff.

Some of the best cooks I know are alcoholics. Dudes taking swigs of rum and brandy the whole day while cooking.

That Cajun cook guy they used to show on PBS had to be pretty drunk when cooking.

cdawg69 10

Its all about you isn't it?

cdawg who are you talking to?

It's hard to he happy in your work .

some people have jobs they enjoy. such as childcare, being a chef, helping others. im sure plenty of people like those jobs

I your boss by chance, a sadist?

91hayek 31

He wants people to smile more, I think that makes him a happyist.

Do you even know what a sadist is?

If OPs boss was a sadist he would want him to frown more

Well you can make the best of it. It's better than no job. I was a dishwasher for 5 years when I went to school. Not the most fun job in the world.

Workin at the plate wash! Workin at the plate wash, yeah! C'MON Y'ALL AND SING IT